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Very cool, totally got the 80's cyberpunk feel.

I noticed that after a while the dialogue stopped showing the name of the frog that was talking... almost as if its the dev talking... u sure youre okay?

First i was confused why my character fell over and didnt get up, but then it allowed me to evade the nazi weapons and save private ryan, really entertaining game :)

For some reason i see only a black screen, with a box that says dice count in the bottom...

Cool but are there multiple endings? i couldnt manage to get other endings.

Very cool, smooth controls cute artwork and it really does get hard

Cool vaporwave graphics and fun idea, a competitive tower defense game.

what is the button to shoot?

Wholesome, fun to do when you have some spare time.

Love it, the skeleton would require some sunglasses, otherwise 10/10

How do i get past the startup menu

Love it, everything in it is adorable, and puns everywhere