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Thank you!!

Thank you!!


Muchísimas gracias por tu opinión!! Es que aunque suene rarísimo, no soy gamer, soy una nulidad jugando, la cosa más torpe que te puedas echar a la cara XDD Así que he disfrutado haciendo el juego (y sobre todo los escenarios, me encanta!!) pero luego no soy capaz ni de pasar el primer nivel como jugadora y te queda la duda de si lo estaré haciendo demasiado fácil o difícil.

Que por cierto, ya tengo terminado el juego con 10 niveles, solo me falta adaptarlo a móvil y luego lo pondré a la venta y a ver si va gustando!!

Gracias por avisarme, Gregarius!! Ya he conseguido arreglarlo y puedes descargar el demo cuando quieras! Ya me dirás que te parece!!

Hi! I used some of your sprites for my game Blue Bunny and added your name to my credits. 

 The demo is already published and I leave you the link in case you want to see it.

Thank you for your great work!!

Thank you!!

So cute!

So cute!!! Great work!

Very thanks!!! antikx

Thank you very much nabrappy!!!

It was that!!! I have fix it!! Files can now be downloaded!! Thank you very much leafo !! Thanks to both!!

Hi Dark, thanks for responding so quickly!

Here is the screenshot. In this project, as there are many files, I uploaded it in a zip but in the tests that I have done later to see if the problem was using a zip, it also tells me that our files are not available. It doesn't matter what extension the files are.

I am fairly new to I have uploaded 2 projects without problems (one free and one paid) and a few days ago I uploaded another one for payment but it tells me that the files (which the buyer would have to download) are not available.

I have tried to upload other projects (both paid and free) and it always tells me the same thing, that the files are not available.

I have already sent an email to the technical team but I imagine they will take a long time to respond. Does anyone here know what the problem could be?

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 Sorry, It is the first time I post and I did not realize!

I just posted a nature tileset ideal for retro games.

For only 3 $ you can have: a lot of diferents flowers, mushrooms, grass, shrubbery, rocks and trees.

Come see it:

I hope you like it

Thank you very much!! It´s my first asset project.