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From the rules, I would interpret that as no:

Use the same control limitations as the GameBoy (D-pad, A, B, select, start). These can be mapped any way you like.

I normally include 2 common keybinds + gamepad support:

Arrows + Z + X
WASD + J + K

(The way I implement WASD works fine for non-query keyboards too)

I've seen this one mentioned all over the place on the Love2D forums and have been planning on playing this one for a while and finally got round to it. Glad I did as it's properly excellent. The puzzles are just about right in terms of difficulty and the duration of the game is spot on. Well done!

I only made the changes as I wanted to have a go at the game and it was the only way I could get it to run with the version of LOVE I have installed. I just mentioned it in case that was something you were  thinking about doing yourself so you wouldn't have to duplicate the effort. I was quite impressed that those were the only changes required if I'm honest :)

On the controls, they work fine, just pressing left control when using WASD felt  a little awkward for me. I only had a quick go on my lunch yesterday and didn't manage to finish so am going to have another go today, though what I saw was very nicely made. Well done!

The exe wouldn't run on Windows 10. The error complained that MSVCR120.dll was missing. Not sure where that comes from.

I was able to get it to run on Linux by extracting the exe like a zip file and making a few code changes to make it support Love 11.x. I replaced calls to audio Source:isStopped with isPlaying (and negating the value obviously) and the call to logob.:refresh with logob:replacePixels(logoDataB) in splash.lua. I also found the controls awkward, so I changed jump to "J" and shoot to "K".

I boot this up from time to time for the nostalgia. I started learning how to program using B3D back in ~2003. I doubt I'd be coding as a career if I hadn't came across it. Nice to see it's still knocking about! :)

That's fair. I did go slightly old-school in an attempt to make the game last longer (i.e., make it unfair for the player so they have to try many times :))

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing all the way through :)

Yeah I wanted the player to be initially taken aback by how capable and relentless the red ninja was, so I'm glad it worked! Thanks for playing :)

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Really enjoyed this, wrapped up as a very polished complete package. The music was excellent. Well done.

Very addictive. 

Thanks for the kind words. 

That's a shame, I thought I'd removed that from the web build. I'll add a note to the page not to press it. thanks for mentioning it.

Once I realised the two characters can only move rooms in either left/right or up/down it was really enjoyable, I was disappointed when I solved the last puzzle. I did encounter bug #1 but I seemed to be able to work around it by being quite precise with the telekinesis key.

Nice and juicy, the bloody spatter is particularly satisfying, but after a few waves you can just stand still and fire in a spiral until the end. Nice work though!

Looks absolutely gorgeous. The combat took a few goes for me to get the hang of but once you get the flow it's very satisfying. I do think being able to move to the other side of the enemy would be a simple but big improvement for the combat, my only gripe was constantly rolling to the right. Well done!

Very fun, had a grin on my face the whole time.

The music is excellent. Out of interest where did you find it (or did you compose it yourself)?

This is properly excellent. Like a cross of Abe's Oddysee with the art style of Hyper Light Drifter. It's rare I come across a game on here I'll play a second time but this is in the list. Well done!

Very nice indeed! I'm interested to know how you did the static environments, are they pre-rendered or rendered in a separate pass with some processing to make them look authentic? Either way this really brought me back, would be nice to see you take it further!

Took me a while to get it but this is really enjoyable when you get into the flow. It's brutal, though.

That was hilarious, and not too bad either :)

The music is superb

He has a link to the source code, have a read through and figure out how it works.

The music is excellent.