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I love this game so much! The writing is amazing and although I wish there was a little more choice in avoiding situations entirely, I still really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!

Is there a specific reason I'm not being allowed to go to dinner with Violet?? Her head thingy is on the map but no matter how many times I click on it to start the event, nothing happens

Is there plans for like a quest log, a walkthrough or like, any indicator in-game that might suggest how to start a quest bc right now, I'm literally wandering around, 1,000% sure I haven't finished everything yet but I'm completely clueless as to how to progress. I finished Cassie's stuff, good. Just captured Alissa, no idea how to progress that apparent storyline. Is there more Fawn content after the Torture Rack stuff and that cameo in Cassie's quest? Is Upper New Ark in the game yet? Like, I play every release that comes out and I almost never see the new content bc I just don't know what triggers it. I also don't know if specific content is hidden within other quests or how to access that either if so bc there's just no straightforward direction.

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After I'm made to dominate Tirina and I'm sent back to Kelly, I can't click on anything but my phone and book. I'm stuck in my room and can't progress.

I did restart the game and it worked but that's something you might wanna look into and stuff

I ran into a bug where after Mia walks in on Eugene about to shower and I make my 'choice' and then the scene restarts from me waking up in the morning and going into the shower again

Okay, I really need to know what separates the Cheating route from the Harem route bc I love all these characters and I don't wanna hurt them!

I was not expecting to get as attached to Golden Leaf as I ended up getting. I love it so much and I'd die for my county!

LIALG (NSFW) community · Created a new topic Translation

I'm sorry but, the english translation is almost unreadable. I understand the gist of what's trying to be said but it's confusing sometimes.

I really wish I could find what the latest LD+ update entails bc I'm not sure if I've done everything in the current version already

Elf Jail community · Created a new topic Bug?

Anytime I get strung up by the bar, the game will freeze on the dialogue and I can't progress. The window doesn't give me the 'not responding' message so it's still working but I just can't progress

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I can't leave the motel. Every time I try to leave, Jenna will say that she can't leave without her gear but she has all her gear, is wearing undamaged clothes as is Jewel. I don't know what to do. Can I never come back to the motel?