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Is there plans for like a quest log, a walkthrough or like, any indicator in-game that might suggest how to start a quest bc right now, I'm literally wandering around, 1,000% sure I haven't finished everything yet but I'm completely clueless as to how to progress. I finished Cassie's stuff, good. Just captured Alissa, no idea how to progress that apparent storyline. Is there more Fawn content after the Torture Rack stuff and that cameo in Cassie's quest? Is Upper New Ark in the game yet? Like, I play every release that comes out and I almost never see the new content bc I just don't know what triggers it. I also don't know if specific content is hidden within other quests or how to access that either if so bc there's just no straightforward direction.

Take a bath and sleep with Cassie, then change her outfit a bunch

Yeah, admittedly it can be obscure. There is the logbook, but it'll only have entries after you've started a quest. I'm also doing a guide, but it's specifically for backers. I think what most people do right now is check the changelog for hints on what to investigate. Can also ask here.

Alissa, you need to have her interrupt you and Cassie three times. The one most people miss is 'annoying' Cassie. That's it for Fawn for the moment. Upper new Ark isn't in yet.