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After swinging a few times the character tends to get stuck in an unmovable position. The goblins could also come a little more quickly. I can see it becoming a really fun reflex game :)

For a first published + solo game, well done! I'm surprised that it's an RPG maker game since it has that Pacman feel to it. Fun, simple and to the point.

Im not sure if it's just me, but when I try to play (attack, etc) it's unclear what I'm supposed to be doing, or if what I'm doing even has an effect. I basically wound up dying and resetting the game a few times. The music is great though!

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I love the graphics! And think it's a great touch to have the flakes coming at different speeds. The shears? move way too slowly though, it's hard to even jump over them without landing directly on top of it (even after spending the max time in the air, and waiting til the last moment).

Just as a heads up, I couldn't play the game because my Firewall kept flagging it as potentially dangerous. When it finally did clear, the game wouldn't start. I pressed all the logical buttons that would represent start, but it would only play a sound without starting.

It turned out really well! I love how you did the graphics and audio. The character's reactivity is nice too, where the lower-frame animations keep it feeling GBA. Nice and simple.

Given the time constraints and being a solo dev, you did a wonderful job! The control scheme isn't intuitive, but feels really nice once you get the hang of it. Visually it captures the era perfectly.

I did notice you can till and plant over the fence tiles (but can't walk on them). Just thought I'd mention it in case you were going to work on it more.

I love it! A really nice twist on a classic. I can see it being on the Gameboy or as one of the early cellphone games on a Nokia. It's straightforward but challenging.

It feels like a GBA fruit ninja! Very cute and simple. I can see it included included on one of those multi-game cartridge.