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Amazing concept a deep game mechan... WOWIEEEE!!!!

The puch fails some times. It's more a space vision game that an AI controlled one, but the concept is cool. It could be sooo interesting to experiment with moving obstacles or a "memory factor".

Cool puzzles!

Amazing entry! The sound was great, and the prediction mechanic came very handy in the most "lethal" steps of some levels. Visuals are simple but perfect for the game. Good level design.

I loved this, great job!

Cool concept. The game pacing was very slow, but It's cool to whatch your little pong buddy upgrade and play better.

Color selecton wasn't the best. I usually have problems selecting colors, so I use palette generators like Paletton(,  Coolors ( or Muzi (

Here is mine:

Thanks for your time :D

Thanks! Here it goes!


Simple, but very well executed! Thanks for uploading a playthrough, I would't have been able to solve some cuestions.

Very cool entry!

Thank you! And yeah, when I decided to make this game I knew thath the AI would be just a spinning triangle that aims for you. It's simple, but it fits in the theme and does not need complex AI programming.

Thanks again for your kind words, I'll think about keeping on with this project.

Really cool entry. The game was gorgeus, The physics where a bit clunky but I had a great time dropping jars to the floor. Even I giggled  like a kid doing something bad xD.

Good job!

Thank you! I promise it will be worth to give it a try:

Thank you! I could't make it work on browser, but I promise it will be worth to give it a try:

Very beautiful pixels, simply as hell, and enganging !

The stamina mechanic was so smart. Cool entry.

Cute puzzles! Q to Quack is a very funny feature.

Very cool game! I didn't find the clue, but I had a great (scary...!) time.

The creepy voice and the narrative kept me engaged during the whole (until de desktop moment) experience. 

If you give me a clue, I'll go finish it. Don't worry I have already rated (good) the game.

The game is relaxing and satisfiying. I played it on my job breaktime, and it has been worth.

I loved the strech animation when the fall speed is very high! That was very cool to see.

Cool entry! Kind of hard, but very good ambientation.

Thanks! It's so nice that you enjoyed it that much :D 

Rate the game when you have a moment :)

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed. Did you find it difficult?

Don't forget to rate the game :D

I had a great time with this. It can become repetitive, but the dialogues keep you engaged.

Good job to everyone!

I like putting turrets wherever I want. Is satisfying filling entire columns with turrets!

Did you made this with C++?

17 waves! Then there was to many stuff on screen for the browser, hahah!

I had a REALLY nice time playing. Good job!

Cool entry! I would like to play a few more levels. The two last ones were interesting and more puzzle-like.

This must have been hard to perform. Good Job!

Its fine. Just didn't know why the Web Version does not work

Thank you very much! Yeah, I put most of the effort on the presentatio but didn't find other way to explain the game by spawning static enemies at the beggining.

PD: Were you able to play on browser?

Thank you very much! It would be great, for sure.

Btw, were you able to play on browser?

57800 puntos. Me gustaría tener más inercia con el jetpack pero es super adictivo. 

Btw, me flipa el pixel art.

PD: Cuando puedas dime de donde has sacado el temardo que suena en el juego.

The objective of the level is on the up-right side of the screen. The first level is just go to the door :D. I did't  get it at the beggining.

I would have added lives and Increasing difficulty, but the time was running out.

Happy you liked :D

Thank you very much, I would like to make a juicy explanation of the mechanic, but the game is one minute long and I had to save time.

The audio killed me. But the concept is well executed.

Thank you, I'll try to find out later.

I didn't find out the Trudy's location conditions. Sometimes I thought I could but then my theories are denied.  But really cool procedural gen. Sure there must be a way to find out.

Cool entry!

Poor obese kid. I killed him to win the game :D

Does force feeding count as violence? Is there a PEGI for that? xD

Cool music.

Thank you very much for playing :D

Thank you very much, I like to make 1-bit white pixel art and then give some colors in Unity.

I usually use this web app to choose the color palettes for my games:

Maybe is a cool idea. We'll try.

We've resumed the developing of this game, in order to add Bosses and (maybe) NPCs.

What do you mean?

Cool gameplay. Sorry for repling that late. It's great to know that people keep enjoying the DEMO.

We're currently working on the Beta version in order to add Bosses and (maybe) NPCs.

¿Do you think it's maybe too easy?