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Regarding ghost items: It seems a dropped item checks to see if your inventory is full and then gives it a header, making that item unable to be picked up even if you empty inventory space after.

I died, quit, restarted and logged back in (respawning never worked for me) and all I got was this:

Even a reinstall, cache clearing and restart later: no dice. Something account oriented?

Got a lot of warping and lag issues. Also for me, carrying the baseball bat and using mouse leftclick you're Usain Bolt fast, not sure if intended (everyone knows you run faster with a knife!)

Either way, a lot of polishing to do still and some content/quests other than shooting zombies 24/7 would be nice. Good luck.

This is just personal preference, but I liked to use the lower right corner of the structure as the mouse location and snap it to the lower right corner of the square the mousecursor is at. With a maximum of x grid squares from the character's position. I have no idea how you coded your grid and it's to be multi-platform so I have no idea if that's feasible.

Like I said; Personal preference. I'm sure you'll figure it out or can ask someone more knowledgeable than me. Good luck!

Do the bones fall under the bridge?

Yes they do. Car panels too. For the bridge pieces over the water this means the loot is lost forever and for the ones over grass means the loot despawns before you can get to it though.

-Building placement is quite frustrating at times. Harvesting corn that was planted behind a tower is also quite the undertaking.

Is this a visual problem? I'll try it out and see whats going on with that

The upgraded towers are very high. When corn is behind that you can't see multiple rows so harvesting becomes hitting blindly all around you in the hopes you get everything before you replant.

For building placement, it seems to favour placing it next to something already there, making it hard to place something in a void when other structures are around that void.

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Win 10 64b PC Ati X290. Some observations and opinions.

-Graphics artefacts and clipping issues. Beating things on the bridge makes the loot fall right through them so that makes sense.

-Shop interface is wonky as Timeslice already mentioned.

-When the sheriff dies, all friendly NPCs outside seem to die with him. (multiple youtubers had the same happen) NPC in general are too vulnerable. The one in the hospital was surrounded by zombies when I spawned in and he was dead before I could get a shot off.

-Combat barriers in dungeons (cave, church, hospital) are tricky. If you don't fully commit or run back out as soon as you spawn, you run the risk of being locked on the outside with no way to bring the barrier down. Reloading seems the only way out.

-You can enter and exit dungeons for infinite ammo if you so wish. The pistol isn't all that anyway but it's probably not intended.

-Beating panels off cars regularly ends with the panels dropping on top of the car with no way to get them off. Irritation diminishes enjoyment.

-Building placement is quite frustrating at times. Harvesting corn that was planted behind a tower is also quite the undertaking.

-Going back to the menu resets all options back to default.

-Seemingly unskippable intro. Less of a problem now saves work, but a bad idea for any game.

All in all an interesting little title. Keep up the good work.