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Regarding ghost items: It seems a dropped item checks to see if your inventory is full and then gives it a header, making that item unable to be picked up even if you empty inventory space after.

I died, quit, restarted and logged back in (respawning never worked for me) and all I got was this:

Even a reinstall, cache clearing and restart later: no dice. Something account oriented?

Got a lot of warping and lag issues. Also for me, carrying the baseball bat and using mouse leftclick you're Usain Bolt fast, not sure if intended (everyone knows you run faster with a knife!)

Either way, a lot of polishing to do still and some content/quests other than shooting zombies 24/7 would be nice. Good luck.

Many thanks for the feedback, update coming soon addressing the inventory and warping issues!

Very easy days yet, we've released a first playable so we can get feedback like this. Thanks again!