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Hey, try grabbing the latest copy from here.

Were you trying a fresh install, or updating the game?

Hey, there's an issue which sometimes causes a connection to drop into the 'spectator mode.'

The mode doesn't yet exist in Zombie Barricade btw - but we might add it! Thanks - Jimbob

Hey, lag on movement will be fixed next update - thanks for the feedback! :)

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So for the builds we've removed the need to extract the game. But  you'll need to delete the game from itch and reinstall it again to pick it up (don't look at us it's just the way it works.)

Appreciate the feedback anyways and we understand it can be frustrating but please remember this is a free game in a pre-alpha state! ;)

We're working on that - it's still a pretty early alpha so you'll need a graphics card to play :)

Hey there, we've uploaded a version that itch will keep up to date and can be better run through the game client.

Hey there, we've uploaded a version that itch will keep up to date and can be better run through the game client.

Hey there - try grabbing the latest version from the games website (

Sorry for your troubles!

Hey there - try grabbing the latest version from the games website (

Sorry for your troubles!

Strange - i'm updating the version here on itch to the latest version - but you can always grab the latest version from the website (you can skip running the updater with latest version.)

Hey, it seems there was an issue with the server at that point - things are all working again now.

Many thanks for the feedback, update coming soon addressing the inventory and warping issues!

Very easy days yet, we've released a first playable so we can get feedback like this. Thanks again!

Hey there - that's interesting, we'll look into that.

Thanks very much, we've just released another patch adding some more content - getting there aha thanks again!

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  • PvP is broken right now so it's a free for all, fix next update.
  • The city is a dangerous place for a low level character :P
  • The NPC patrols will fire at enemies next update
  • We will introduce key bindings in a future update
  • We are looking at hosting regional servers, but if your PC or internet is slow, we can't fix that.  (Speed is great for me, server is in Germany and I am in East Asia!)

Thanks very much for the feedback!

Hey, so i've search the admin interface high and low for 'refinery' and can't see any references to it at all.

Does anyone have any pointers? Thanks! Jim 

That sounds like a good idea, i'll float it on the Discord channel and get some feedback - thanks!

WSAD controls added in Update 5 ;)

Hey hey! Cheers for the great feedback. It's as if you read our minds, the next update is going to include WSAD controls :D but not sure about being able to move and shoot - part of the tension is having to stop and aim with the Zombies (and soon to be other foes) gaining on you. If you can move and fire, a lot of that tension would be removed and the game too easy do you think?

But you're right, WSAD does add a lot to the gameplay... 

We can even leave the mouse click-move stuff in, I find myself switching between the two.

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We'll do a tutorial when we're a little further along, but for now there are some instructions here

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There will be a mac version when we're further along but for now it's just Windows 64bit.

Not very many people game on a mac (and the hardware isn't exactly great for it) so we're better off focusing on Windows and then Linux.

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Are you still having problems? There was an issue causing some people to disconnect that but we patched it yesterday

Do you have any more information than that? 
Where does it get too?
What specs are your computer? 

You're better off using the Discord channel if you need help... Thanks!

Hey, I just uploaded a new version to - delete the game off your harddrive and download and extract again, should work fine. Thanks!

Thanks guys, i'm going to put together some more thorough installation instructions

Hehe OK - just checking. 

Did you try downloading the game again?

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Is there an error message? 
Are you running 64bit Windows?
Have you tried downloading it again?

Should be OK now

Not yet, soon

Windows XP!! - sorry I thought you said Windows 7. 

It needs a 64bit OS and fairly recent hardware, a mid-spec computer 2-3 years old should run it, XP is over 10 years old now...

Hey, should be a lot more stable now - completely rewritten the networky stuff

Thanks very much man! Believe me when I say, you ain't seen nothing yet ;)

Hey there, we're working on a fix for the issue - sorry for the hassle

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Hey, browse to the folder C:\Users\DrDoo\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Zombie Barricades\ and see if there is a 'ZB Updater' file in there and run it, that should launch the game.

We're going to get it to integrate better with the app - sorry you're having troubles.

Hey, yeah - chances are you'll have to do that one more time before the new patcher can take care of it.

We'll have to get it integrated into the app at some point. Thanks!

There was probably some maintenance going on at the time, we were busy applying patches to the server over the weekend. 

Sorry about that.

Hey, should work on Windows XP - did it?

If you want to unzip it onto your desktop it's 'zbportable' 
If you want to install it and have icon on desktop 'zbsetup'


Sorry you're having troubles, where are you getting to?

Awesome man, thanks very much!