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Oh, huh.  I wonder why it didn't let me start a new game with the drawings then?  Well, I deleted the game a year ago so they're definitely gone now.  Thanks anyway :) 

Typing games like this are cute and somewhat fun, but any that don't include an option for double spaces after any period destroy me utterly.  It's too much of an ingrained habit and I'm not willing to unlearn it for the sake of a game and then mess up when actually writing things again.  

omg that's so adorable, thank you for informing me,

Your little pieces are so cute XD 

That was it, thank you.  I guess I visited her in the afternoon and evening while trying to figure it out, but not the morning.  Appreciate you taking the time to help!

I really like the concept, I just have trouble reading the half-numbers.  Idk how hard it would be from a programming perspective to do those 'peek at this card' options a lot of solitaire games have, but if that's too hard, making the numbers a bit easier to read or making the cards stack a bit differently would really help!  Regardless, thanks for the game :D 

I don't know anything about a festival, where do you hear about that?

I haven't gotten very far but I think I'm stuck.  I'm trying to 'spring the trap' (already went to the tailor and spoke with Lily) and when I go to Jessica's office, I get "I should make sure that Kana's alright" which confuses me because when I go to the Farm, Kana has absolutely nothing to say to me and neither does  Annie.  Because I've  come to this 'trap' section, the only Lead I have is about going to spring the trap 'whenever I'm ready' so I just don't know what to do.  Pixie isn't any help either, lol...  plz help?

"My makers did not see fit to equip me with a social sensitivity chip" what a mood 

Kinda bummed that I got the Bad End on first shot, disappointed that my second try locked me into the romance route with no option to say no to kissing but at least content that I got a Good ending.  I do like him a lot, totally didn't keep calling him LASSI in my head...  time well spent.   Exploration of emotions were top notch. Thanks for the game :)  

Thank you, I did what you suggested and this time everything started up fine; though Norton still claims it's blocked the app from accessing the INF/PNF thing, the game seems to be working.   Weird random thing maybe. Thanks again for your time :) 

Hey, lol, I know security features often give a lot of false positives so I'm hoping you can help me figure this out.  As soon as I tried to launch, Norton freaked out so bad it deleted the .exe and made me restart my computer.  One of the alerts said it found "SONAR.ProcHijack!g45" which the internet tells me is most likely an alert that triggers based on a specific behavior and not necessarily a trojan virus or anything.  Then it also said they detected a 'suspicious process' used to try and open a file in C:\Windows\INF\hidserv.PNF which I don't understand at all but seems to be doing something in the computer?  I don't even know what INF or PNF are, I'm really not an IT person, just using web search and it failed me.  

Could someone please tell me what's going on?  

Gameplay length was 5~ hours for me (mostly because most puzzles and cutscenes make you sit and wait for forever.) For the most part, I enjoyed it but all it really did was hurt me emotionally.  I mean, that’s an expected part of something confronting mental health issues, but the resolution didn’t exactly cheer me up and make everything better like I would’ve hoped for in an ending to a game like this either.  Can’t explain or it would be spoilers.  I liked a lot of things, but I did also have a few problems with the game. 

I see it was mentioned before below, but having a character, even a ‘villain’ type character being the manifestation of fears of diseases and plague say ‘autism’ as one of the ‘diseases’ that you should be afraid of isn’t cool at all.  Autism is a classification of a spectrum of the way the mind works for some people.  It isn’t something you can ‘catch’ like a disease or the plague.  For a game centered around the brain, mental health, and ideas of how the mind might work, you’d really expect a little more respect for the neuro-nontypical.  It’s like saying ‘ADHD is a disease’ or ‘geniuses are the plague and to be feared because their brains work differently.’  I get that it’s a line in a song, but it’s off-putting, unnecessary, and also gives the wrong idea to people who might be uneducated on the subject.  Even if you argue that the characters have ‘differing opinions’ from the creator and are afraid of autism, that doesn’t mean you need to include a line like that in the game itself.  If you had included, say, a line about a specific race like it was a disease, you would have been completely canceled.  I find it comparable.  How people’s brains function is something you can’t change any more than a cultural background or skin color.  It’s certainly not a disease. 

For the rest of the game- a few of cutscenes are broken, a lot of NPC character path tracing is broken and they won’t cross bridges and the like properly, there are vital clipping issues where you can accidentally get an enemy stuck on an object and no longer hit them- but they can shoot at you.  There are aesthetic clipping issues where your follower gets stuck on things sometimes too.  There are times you will also get stuck on objects but usually swinging your sword and rolling around a bit will unstick you.  Worst case, you can do a ‘soft restart’ through the menu, and it’ll send you to a checkpoint like you died. 

The combat mechanics are very chill and there’s no real death penalty aside resetting to an invisible checkpoint immediately.  The music is very catchy and great in a lot of parts.  I appreciate the plethora of puns.  The puzzles are fun and easy.  The art is very creative and pretty.  It’s a good game for the most part, but it’s not exactly the most polished final product.  Far from flawless.  It also doesn’t really have any replayability imo.  

Sorry for the essay lol 

Thanks for all your hard work! 

Just like Shimeji but better because it's baba <3

Thank you, I really enjoyed playing the game!  There were a few moments where I made the mistake of 'selecting' something I wasn't interested in, but that's life.  My biggest hang ups were 1) there wasn't any warning that there would be irl porn images in the game and there was no way to turn that off or block them 2) the careless use of the r-word.  I don't have a problem with swearing, but using the r-word is like using the n-word so please consider changing it to say 'fucking stupid' or something instead!  
I loved all the old music and jokes in it, seemed to be a lot of references that were going over my head but it was really funny all the same!  I about died when a cover of Gangnam Style played for Sam, like I knew he was Korean but lasdfkjh amazing song placement. 

Slight spoiler warning for the rest of this message:  The lighting in a lot of dark places made it look like the screen was almost entirely black for me, so like.  I didn’t get to see anything in some places- like some of the pictures when I was being arrested and when being interrogated. Especially whenever it zoomed in on Ayewn Vel’Croix- I could see nothing T_T the perils of black-on-black.  I felt so gyped.  He looks like a void in the shadows, can’t see a thing.  I love his personality tons, though.  Want to see more of him, he’s such a sweetheart.   

Thank you again for working hard at developing this game and sharing it with all of us!  

More Baba, in any format, is very exciting!  Thank you!  

Either I'm dumb or the summary isn't clear enough- to be completely clear, you play "a young farmhand" and it says selection and choosing content is important but it says includes femdom- what I'm actually asking is if you can play as a girl and be dominant?  Or is that saying you can let women dominate the player character who is a man?  TYIA for clarification

I do like that everything is supposed to be optional, too many games lock you in and the next thing you know, you're spamming spacebar to get away from a really weird scene you want nothing to do with.  

I had a dream once like this.  I kept trying to run, but no matter what I did, I was slow.  I couldn't turn my head to look at things.  Everyone around me including myself was more silhouette than person and everything I did felt meaningless- ah.  Excuse me, I mean nightmare.  Wouldn't really recommend this game to anyone. 

Besides the visual issues and inability to 'look around' as it seems it's an older fashioned 'you look north no matter what way you're facing' kind of game, when interacting with other characters to speak (even if you select them by accident) you cannot exit out of their dialogue.  You will have to click.  Through every speech bubble.  Every time.  And you can't fast forward- no, you wait at their pace.  The achingly slow pace of the PC while they're in a 'run' animation was extremely off-putting (there does not appear to be a real run option, but 'walking' looks like you're jogging in slow motion.)  I honestly couldn't get very far in this at all.  I do realize it's only $5 but with how unfinished it feels, it feels like playtesting a beta you want to report bugs to the creators about (of which I've seen plenty in the comments here) and the creators- just don't seem to care.   tl;dr: save your $5

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I love Flufftopia, thank you.  Also I didn't realize the game required an installer, thank you for letting me know.

Hi, breathingstories, I'm dad!  Super proud of you, sport!  

I guess I'm the one with trust issues, but why does the application (windows) requires admin permission to make changes to my computer?  Most games don't require that sort of thing, so I can't play this one due to paranoia now.  

I love this for the same reason I shopped for a laptop with the criteria including a keyboard that made a satisfying clicking sound with every key press.  

Idk, I don't remember that one.


It's not like I expected much player character choice in a goofy short game like this, but as someone who is asexual, the fact that my character was all 'yo how dare u not consummate' and my cutie I drew even returned the ring pop I gave him- that hurted.  It's not like I ever wanted him to be the censor bar I drew in the first place.  I realize there are other endings but it's not like I'm about to redraw all those images again with the same level of detail- my Sketchy is gone. 

Wonder if he'll ever realize I didn't actually sign the papers.  Anyway, it was funny, but oof.  The ending I got was so awkward on the topic of consent and 'trying every night' and the PC seemed like a total jerk about it.  

Yes, even years after the fact.

I get that it's an open-ended 'what you make of it' game, I'm just not really sure what I should feel or why I'm crying.  

It was a bit odd, because it felt similar to just having a conversation where I was missing pieces of background and trying to fill in the blanks to know what the nicest, best things to say were. That's actually usually how I feel in regular conversation, but there aren't usually convenient spinny blocks that let me construct sentences better.  The anxiety about what I said possibly being interpreted the wrong way was intense and also... usually how I feel in regular conversation. I even felt awkward when a stranger started flirting with me, but hey, we became friends!  Pretty cool.  

I just think it's safe to say you really nailed realism.  I'm glad most videogames aren't this realistic with communication.  I'd be too anxious to talk to anyone, haha!  

It was a relief that staying together with 'my girlfriend' was easy though.  I relate to her character way too much so I knew what I'd want to hear the most out of the options.  Not too interested in alternate endings because this one feels like the 'good ending' and that's good enough for me :) 

Thanks for the game!  

Thanks for this, wish I'd found it sooner honestly!  Until Bomb Rush Cyberfunk comes out, this is definitely a great stopgap and a pretty cool thing you did on its own!  I don't think I ever would have stumbled upon it if it hadn't been in the bundle for Ukraine, the fandom for the original games is surprisingly both big and small at the same time and I sadly never found this before but I'll definitely tell other people about it :D it's a little tricky, but isn't that just the concept of love anyway?

This might not be helpful to you specifically, but does this apply only to this game?  If you have a wireless mouse, you can try checking your battery!  That's just something that's happened to me repeatedly as the battery runs lower.  I don't notice it outside of games, usually. 

Also you can check your mouse pad's tracking accuracy by testing on a click test website and see if you might be having trouble tracking, accurate motions.  It could also be what you have your mouse on top of.  Again, sorry if that doesn't help at all, just a couple thoughts :) 

I started singing your little poem to the tune like you said, and then you called me out for being friendless.  

I came out here to have a good time and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now.

The game is in English, if that's what you're asking

They're in a potted plant at the mall in the same area you meet her

Yes, as of 1 hour ago