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It was a bit odd, because it felt similar to just having a conversation where I was missing pieces of background and trying to fill in the blanks to know what the nicest, best things to say were. That's actually usually how I feel in regular conversation, but there aren't usually convenient spinny blocks that let me construct sentences better.  The anxiety about what I said possibly being interpreted the wrong way was intense and also... usually how I feel in regular conversation. I even felt awkward when a stranger started flirting with me, but hey, we became friends!  Pretty cool.  

I just think it's safe to say you really nailed realism.  I'm glad most videogames aren't this realistic with communication.  I'd be too anxious to talk to anyone, haha!  

It was a relief that staying together with 'my girlfriend' was easy though.  I relate to her character way too much so I knew what I'd want to hear the most out of the options.  Not too interested in alternate endings because this one feels like the 'good ending' and that's good enough for me :) 

Thanks for the game!