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Very original idea for the clicker game! Cool game!

Also controls and ballistics are nice and fun :)

This game is really cool and fun to play! I really like the idea, these monsters, cool lo-fi tune and how the game looks. It’s simple, but has its own atmosphere. Thank you for making this, I really enjoyed this game.

Hahah, thank you :)

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Very nice game! Looks nice, sounds crispy and the whole idea is really cool. The only problem that game becomes too easy if you find the optimal tactics. For me it was just putting squares in pillars. From this moment the only difficulty I met was clicking in time :) My highscore - don’t really know how actually high it is :)

Thank you for this positive feedback :) I don’t really know about linear colorspace usage in my game so I will check it. Thanks for this catch!

Unfortunately cannot play that because of platform :( Is this Redline like anime Redline? :)

What was the problem with trying this on Chrome?

Yeah, it’s a great game. Looks lovely and music is cool. But controls are irresponsive a bit but I guess I just need to get used to it :)

Great work! Art and music are really cool and gameplay feels solid.

No mac version? :(

Thank you! This is my second finished game so far and actually it’s really nice to get feedback on my work :)

Thanks! Yeah, I’ve done all the sounds in last two hours and wasn’t able to make it good in time :(

There is an issue with fonts :(

This game is really nice and fun! For some reason it doesn’t fit to my screen a bit (bottom part is cut)

Really cool game! It was surprising and very fun that camera can make 360 in all angles :)

Thank you! Sure, I’ll try yours :)