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Oehhhh some interesting gameplay here! Although I ran out of ammo numerous times, I really like the game, mechanics work well and the environment really suites the story! great game!

I seem to get stuck right at the beginning press and hold won't do the trick, any idea what the problem is?

Alright I will be honest, at first I thought oh no where is this going, But then it became all clear, the 2D\3D mechanic is really cool, and I get the story part that you wanted to put in, I just really hope you will work further on it! It is just to short! I want more!

Alright I might have cheated a little bit, and used my fingers, but I actually enjoyed the game, It has a unigue mechanic and experience!

It is a good concept, but it could use some more level design, the environment on itself is not bad, but I don't know where I am supposed to go. At some points I am spawned in another area. This could go smoother in a next iteration! and the pipepuzzles seem a bit out of place in the story about an old civilization.

The environment itself was really cool though and the puzzles on it's own felt like a nice challenge, The crystal shaders and the mine lights were really magical too!

The environment is really beautiful, controls are still a bit wancky, since I am not used to camera movement with L2 and R2 and fighting with R1, but overall really cool experience

The tongue mechanic to move forward is really cool and unique, I really hope you will continue on the concept, because I am very curious if it can be even more

It is contagious as hell music included, I could not stop playing! I could not go further after the metal bars that kept falling down, but I enjoyed every minute.

Really cute concept!, It still worked a little wacky tho, couldn't get the balancing to work, but I still enjoyed it anyway!

It is such a cute game! the short story elements worked really well, only the thing is it's to short! Hopefully you work on it further!

The mechanics in the game are very original, I really liked to play as a real detective, I did solve the case, but couldn't submit it. Overall it was a really cool experience!

The first time playing I was actually lost and found the end of the map hahah, but I am curious to see what it eventually will become. Right now I miss some context and some level design.

Wauw this game looks and feels really good! the combinations between info and playing the levels gave me as a player the choice to do what I wanted and gave me the feeling of control and choice. 

This is a really interesting concept, I am actually curious how you got the information actually, most of it was true, but my age wasn't. The idea to make people aware on data manipulation is a great initiative. 

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Please post any reviews or video's here!

oh yeah ofcourse! That is a great idea actually! We have major issues with packaging of the game, but if we get it fixed in time, I will reach out to you this week. Thanks a lot!

Hi there, we have made a ambitious project in Unreal engine 4 for school, but we don't have enough capacity. I have send contact support an email about it 5 days ago and today aswell, we need at least 2.5GB for our project and have a deadline at 28-06. Is it possible to increase our capacity before that time? I have already tried butler, but I can not get it to work. I am not really good with terminals and command programs.

i would like to join the bundle with

Really cool concept, maybe to make it more interesting is more randomness in the watchers, maybe give them a boost or give yourself the ability for a super growth in the tiles.

Interesting what you tried to do, this could be a very interesting platformer, maybe dodging the light and damage when you come into the light can be interesting.

I really like the way that you go faster each time, and keep on growing, maybe to make it more interesting is the option to decrease aswell.

Really nice! right now the light of the glowing plants sometimes block your vision when doing parkour, maybe add les plants or use it to the games advantage and make it a mechanic.

This is really awesome, the slow fall to correct yourself is really handy. you should keep that!

I like the mimicing of the other, I really like the idea to form a dance of the four, maybe like a boyband ;p 

Anyway I am very curious to the result next week.

I like the jumping of the totempole, but I found a feature ;) (bug) at some point my camera moved, but I couldn't see my character anymore. Anyway to make it maybe more interesting is do do something with the totempole itself? 

I like the grooveyness, what if you have to make different dance, with different colors? 

I like the concept! to add a twist maybe make it competely playable for people who are deaf, that would be an interesting game to play ;)

It worked pretty good already, to make it more interesting, maybe give the player more tension with time make it a bit harder, right now you can go on forever.

I loved this game on mobile, it is not original, but it definitely works already as the original, to make it more interesting add another mechanic to it, maybe use the fallen of parts again? 

For a 3 hours gamejam game it is very well balanced! indeed some feedback would be nice. Also I noticed that if you spam the buttons you can eventually hack level 9? You should do definitely do more with the muscle memory!

I like the sound feedback of the crows, het lukte me niet zo goed om de crow te besturen, maar overall leuke vision mechanic

Weird portal shit, nice dat je verder hebt kunnen itereren met project vrij idee, het verwijderen van de horizon zorgt voor iets minder misselijkheid en meer weirdness.

I like the wackiness of the game, I made salto's and a lot of other weird physics, but that makes the game. 

At first I thought that yo had to catch the red balls because I got score for it, but I learned fast that my lives also went down and tried out the white balls. Overall I had a lot of fun, but only got a score of 30