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No problem, I can (hardly) wait a bit more!

Thank you for the reply!

Cheers, looking forward to the GOG release, it is not there yet!


Oh, wow, love seeing more of the NeonNoir mythos! Will this be arriving on the Amiga as well?

Let's hope it does, I would love to have this game in my GOG collection!

Adored this game from beginning to completion! Perfect difficulty curve with some pretty fiendish puzzles in the later levels and wacky characters that never fail to put a smile on my face. I love you, guys!

Completed! What a cool game, wish there were more levels!

Thank you! :D

It would be really sweet if you could give it a look!

Nevertheless, thanks for this awesome puzzler!

What a cool game, thanks! But I am hopelessly stuck on level 47...any help??

Amazing! A masterpiece!

Had great fun with this one! Great humour and sweet graphics style! Looking forward to more!

I finished it on my Vampire V4SA.

Thanks for the game, mate, looking forward to your next project! Cheers!

Just finished your game on the Amiga, and had great fun doing so!

I liked the humour and the silly premise very much and respawning just before you die was a great feature! I also had great fun with the Pacuvia superpowers! 

My complaints would have to be;

-the past tense. It always felt unnatural and clunky, especially coupled with the 

-lack of repeat last command (and more abbreviations, especially for examine)

-also, it would be helpful if the exits were apparent in each screen. Sometimes the text made it clear, sometimes it didn't, but it was no big deal for such a short and linear game.

Again congratulations, looking forward to your next games!

D茅j脿 Vu communityCreated a new topic Thank you!

This is a superb chill puzzler, with brilliant level design and clever game mechanics that keep the gameplay fresh without being overwhelming. Highly recommended!

Loved this game, so relaxing, soothing and chill!

Such an excellent game! It is very fluid, fun and addictive and once I start playing I cannot stop! The only problem is that it is VERY short and I would have loved more...MORE levels!

Thank you so much, mate!

Just completed the last level and....what a gem of a game this is! Never before has decomposition been so cute and fun! Only thing I would have liked is for some more levels.

Congratulations, guys, I will be following your work!

Connected my trusty Apollo joypad and couldn't stop playing until I finished the game! It left me wanting more, which is always a good thing!

I loved the atmosphere and the story, there were some inconsistencies with the controls (f.e. in the weapons room you have to use a examine to get the weapon in some places but interact in others).

I also copied all files of the game in my HD and I played it to completion from there, without any problems.

Looking forward to more Amiga games from you, mate! Cheers!

You rock, man! And thank you for the cool game!

Plays great on my V4! :D Would it be possible to use the keyboard for controls or at least make it playable with a single button joystick?

Thanks for your reply, mate. 

I think the Vampire offers 512MB RAM, so it should be ok. I am not sure if other powerful Amigas can handle that much memory!

Hello, mate, I see you have been already asked about an OS4 or MOS port. Would you consider a 68K AmigaOS3.x port as well? There is a pretty good user base, already! It might be not feasible on old Amigas, but maybe it could run on Vampire models?

Fingers crossed they do! In the meantime, I have created a wishlist entry for your game!

This looks like the game I would truly enjoy! Congratulations on the final release!

Will there also be a GOG version?

Hurray, this is fantastic news, thank you so much!

You rock!

Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, I do not seem to get any XP when casting spells, I only get XP from melee combat. :( No biggie, I will play the game with another class! 

Works great on my V4! 

I may have found a bug, though. When you start the game with the mage class, you cannot get XP, unless you defeat the monsters in hand-to-hand combat. Is that how the game is supposed to work for the mage class? XP works perfectly with the fighter class.

Wow, this game looks amazing and right up my alley! Looking forward to playing it! Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for the kind answer! I have already wishlisted your game on gog and I will wait a little bit, hoping it happens. But the platform is of secondary importance, I am really looking forward to enjoying your game!

This game looks right up my alley!

I have to ask, though, is there a GOG version planned? Sorry if this has been asked already. 

Absolutely loved this game! 

Chill gameplay and music, well designed levels and so much content that it kept me playing for literally months! Looking forward to more games from mr. Nora!

Yes, that's exactly how player.ini looks. Anyway, thank you for restoring the previous version, I will try both again!

Always thanks for your awesome efforts!

Thank you, mate, for the awesome port!

Unfortunately, in the latest version the videos don't play in my V4, whereas they played great in the previous versions. Is there any way to download the previous versions?

This is an excellent point'n'click of very high production value!

Looking forward to playing more of your games!

Played this excellent game to completion and now I am really looking forward to that juicy DLC...

Just tested it, works great, thanks!

Does this work on the V4?