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Hey, thanks for the feedback/rating. I appreciate it!

Cool FPS! Really liked the graphics and the shooting animation. Haha, I'm pretty sure I saw a zombie in a hotdog suit. I like the idea as well of more zombies spawning as you hallucinate more. I think it would have been cool to have somehow shown that "hallucination status" and there also be a way to make it go down or something. Overall, I thought it was cool. Awesome Job!

This was really fun to play. I kept going back to see how long I could sleep. I made it to 18 hours 58 minutes! The music was really good as well, It fit perfectly with the game.  Great job!

Really liked the graphics and the idea that you have to use the old game system in order to navigate around. It does kind of make you jump a little. Haha, at least it did me when all of a sudden I see a red figure in the console and just die. Awesome job!

Hey, I wanted to play your game, but I don't have a windows machine.

Hey, thanks for the feedback/rating. I appreciate it. I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted on it, but I do plan on improving it. Thanks again for the feedback.

I tried to play your game, but I couldn't get it to open up on my mac.

Hey, thanks for the comment and rating. I appreciate it. I'll definitely go play your game as well! Thanks again! 

haha ya, space burrito.

I really liked the graphics and the initial intro scenes. I also liked the idea of the cat becoming a knight. I thought that theme idea was super cool. Great job!

Cool Game! I really liked the graphics and the ability to travel between dimensions. I thought that idea was really cool! Great job!

Amazing job on the game, I really liked it.  The objective and having to first dream in order to see the full level. I thought that was really cool. It was overall super fun and I honestly wanted to keep playing more.  Again, great job!

Hey, thanks for playing and for your feedback/rating, I appreciate it! Haha ya, I thought the space burrito would fit right in with the hungry daydreaming. Thanks again!

The music and graphics for this are so great!  All of it fits so well together. The little rain animation.  Really cool. The game is hard, but it's fun to play! Also, great job on the theme and storyline. Overall I really liked it. Great job!

Thanks for your rating and words, I appreciate it! I'll play your game as well!

then you very much for your rating, I appreciate it. Ya, the only powerup I put in the game was a gun powerup, so that you could shoot the monsters.  Haha, I wanted to do more, but I ran out of time in the end since I started Saturday morning.  Thanks for your suggestions, I definitely plan on improving on the game. Thanks again! 

I really liked the initial scene showing it going into his dream. That's something that I wanted to do for my game as well but didn't get the chance to.  I also really liked the switching mechanics between the player and coffee maker. Overall it was very fun to play and the music was and graphics were great!

Awesome, thank you very much! I appreciate you doing that!

Oh ok, I understand. Thank you.

Is there any way I can just buy the player sprite with the animations?