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lol, i realize the fun part thing. and actually i think the whole co-op/multiplayer idea of this game or in general is pure awesome. but personally, point is i play with my computer.. to de-stress doing stuff with/for people, hearing people, having to sync my rhythm with people, thinking about people… i love just being with the machine and no human anywhere around… only my felines, me and my laptop. and my plants, but those don’t participate too much XD - thanks for the offer tho, appreciated!

lol.. i usually hate reading credits - absolutely not out of disrespect for those who have worked hard, i DO appreciate their commitment and creativity and the fact that they allowed me to spend a great moment gaming/watching their invention, but because they’re always waaaaaaay too long.. and i have a lot in common with gnats XDD i think i’ll like yours tho: 3 people XDD - that’s my kind of credits ^^

i personally love to grow/learn “on the job”, while doing something, discovering how it works, not by first learning how to deal with it, study. i’m too curious and too easily bored for that… ok, since i might not be the brightest match in the box, the results are variable - the variety being how fucked up they’ll be XDD. but it’s more fun. i think you’ve come a long way, and hey, the journey is the goal, innit? while we play the game as an adventure, your adventure was creating it ^^

so, i tried the demo of your oldest version.. it’s not like i can compare with the version i played 2 yrs ago, i deleted it and my memory is what it is.. but i don’t really see a difference. i think Zack has blue eyes in just some pix, and in the shower there’s 1 (or more?) where he looks younger than usual maybe. like if there were pix i’ve seen 2 yrs ago but also some older ones mixed in.. i don’t remember the interface at all but it was kinda the same, no overloading the screen with fancy design (which i don’t mind with usual VN where the bgd stays the same forever etc, ofc when it’s a success and not an eyesore. but with 3d renders changing nonstop it’s sensory overload. avatars are not really needed either since often in str8 you see the person speaking directly in the render). the expressions in the cafeteria are way over the top, lol, parameter sliders overkill, but i think it was like that 2 yrs ago too.. ok stuff crashes, but maybe it’s the demo effect?… otherwise, short: i don’t see what you were trying to show XD

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cinematic novel.. interesting name. and concept.

since i’m trying to create stuff in daz too (with variable results, most of them subpar, lol, but my old crappy laptop is 10 y.o. and lags behind on every level, this sure doesn’t help +sobs bitterly+), and many vn sprites and their management in homemade games are awful, even before i played str8 i also wondered - in case i’d finally move my ass and manage to try creating a small fun vn - if i wouldn’t do it like you did, with full screens created in 3d. or maybe a mixture of both, 3d screens AND 3d sprites, because what i sometimes don’t like with some vn is when the backgrounds, the cgi (for the gallery, the goodies) and the sprites are made by so different artists that they kinda don’t fit well together. i haven’t seen that yet, sprites made in 3d totally fitting into the background. but yeah, full images are the best visually, the only thing i think might be problematic is the huge ginormous amount of data you end up with… maybe this system of returning backgrounds and sprites with minimal changes was exactly created to minimize the size of data. but yeah, this was also created when hd and internet couldn’t handle as much data as today i guess? and also you have to write all your coding yourself, since any codes you might find for renpy (or whatever) are made for sprites and conventional vn… anyways, i’m very interested in your project - for the story and for your art! ^^

hmm i can’t see/say clearly about the Braden pic.. but in the 2 with Zack in them, he looks way more like a rl person/less of a 3d person as in the old version - which already featured great renders. they might have had this slight “sim-my” look back then, now not any more ^^ i know you use DS (right?) cuz lol.. Zack’s tank top which i also have and love, but sth really improved ^^

omfg.. a year.. hardcore. but then, according to what you said last, it’s literally gonna wham me into the ground. really worth the wait ^^

aah thx for the informative reply ^^ so, since i’m a sucker for graphics and also i like/need new stuff to stay interested, i’d better wait for the revamp to be well on its way like the middle or sth, and then i’ll jump unto that train.. cuz if i’m impatient and wanna play the finished old version right now to see the end, when i’ll play the revamp i’ll already know how it ends, it’s gonna be kinda spoiled in a way - and not only the end but all the rest too since it would be so fresh in my mind again… now it’s been so long since i played the old chapters, i’ve almost forgotten the details - ideal for a replay. once, not twice in a row. really looking forward to that revamp, for the old version was maybe not perfect but pretty awesome already! ^^ patiiiiiiiiieeeeence TT

you know.. somehow i really admire you. scratch the “somehow”… i DO admire you. this game was already a titanic task in itself, since you did a lot by yourself.. but now to start “all over” again from the start and make it better, wow. pure tenacity and enthusiasm! wish i had just a tenth of it, since i’m this person who has a thousand ideas.. but can be glad if they actually manage to realize 10 of them. IF even. XDDD

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so.. i totally lost touch with Str8. somewhere months(years??) ago around v.15 or sth. meanwhile, did you actually bring the story/game to an end? like, no further chapters? i see Str8 Revamp v0.02.2 as last update, is it final? gotta play all of it from scratch anyways, but first it’s worth it - especially if it’s revamped - the graphics are awesome, i like the 3d style so different from the usual sprite VN style (probably cuz i dabble in 3d, lol). and i remember parts of the story but really foggy and no idea where i left it so i need a total refresh..

very disappointed, real pity it’s co-op only! i love rusty lake games, i (probably) own and enjoyed all of them. this here looks so interesting, but i hate co-op/multi, or actually playing with anyone at all. while the concept here is an interesting endeavor, it’s totally frustrating i won’t be able to play it. guess making it opt co-op/single player is pretty much impossible technically.. still if it was possible it would be awesome ~

sorry never read my notices… wishlisted it on steam ^^

finally i was fine starting with 18.1 - the 17 version was what i already played anyways, somehow. awesome update - and hell of a cliffhanger, again, lmao. you rock them cliffhangers XD. loved to see them all come closer, talk out shit n private stuff, learn more about them… and them piling up to watch the vid is priceless, i can almost feel the warm feeling up to here, that’s how it should be between buds… side note: cory is hawwwwt, in a cute way. can’t you squish him in somehow? he’d make the most adorable twink ever. dunno if you got inspiration from RL and there wasn’t any of him in it, otherwise hey, you created a valuable character, why not give him some space? ^^

so… didn’t even manage to play or even install my last update, and yay, there’s a new one! RL tends to come in the way of my gaming these days, lmao. anyways, i guess i can just dump the last update and DL this one here?

ok, i’ll try to answer so i’m kinda back “to where i was” with my choices..

and yeah i just got another warning about a zip from a site - not VN - where it didn’t do this like 2-3 weeks ago. must be some “improvement” from a recent chrome update :/ - nothing to do with your files

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finally taking some time for VNs again, and i noticed that YAY, v.18 is here! (i had v.17 with the “hot” ending…) ~ looking forward to play - but just a question: some games here, when you update them, your saves or pretty much everything you had goes down the drain. how is it with str8, no danger of annihilation if i install the zip?

ah and i just got a warning from chrome, doesn’t wanna download the zip cuz insecure. guess it’s just because it’s an exe, hence false warning (chrome hasn’t done this on me yet, i only use it since last year when FF went 57… and my 56 started displaying wonky sites) - still, how comes?

same here, newest chrome, nothing. btw didn’t work on old 56 firefox either

wish you all the best Touha, get well, recover fast and stay healthy! we can wait for the game, your well-being is top priority ^^ actually i’m glad you’re still among us - the beginning of this post made me shudder at first TT

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i really wanted to make Razix happy.. but i couldn’t figure the rhythm even after a few trials… yeah i’m ungifted like that. otherwise i loved the graphics, the sound, and ofc his beautiful red giant. but not being able to do the trick left Razix and me very frustrated TTT - i wish there was a cheat mode for idiots XD


awesome! ^^ ability to skip parts i don’t find fun or get stuck on in a game is a thing i always appreciate!

*i guess it says a lot about me… cuz hey.. if this was only possible in RL :sigh: *

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loved human cargo, so i’m another one looking forward to this game! and Luke is sexxay ^^. vampire, demigod and caster? yesssss!

as to the minigames… would be cool! AS LONG as they’re not the kind that are either timed or demand mouse/keyboard skills/dexterity or speed… (unless they can be cheated/avoided) - cuz besides the interest in the stories and BL, there’s a reason i play visual novels: i suck at other games, lol.. and getting stuck in a point’n’click or VN because of a minigame is uber frustrating…

excellent! and worth the wait ^^

bummer.. but “not yet”, does that mean “sometime soon”, “maybe” or totally “nope, nada, never”?

looks interesting.. can i find this/you on steam too? searching their database/shop is hell, the results are meh half of the time

mkay…? must be quite recent then, i got Sweet Pool a few weeks ago and i still had to DL a patch from Jast Blue… but i think the game had been on steam for a while so maybe they don’t limit new games while still not bothering to “decensor”/free older games…

yay! will also wait for steam, even i’m burning to play the game - but will the steam version have all the +18 content too (with censor ofc)? or will a patch be needed?

they’re so annoying over there, with their mania to be sooo strict with +18 stuff while they don’t mind selling games featuring war, guns, killing, and undead or borderline female ecchi… i know valve plays a role, same as some other banking/card companies, but still…

take the time you need. no point rushing this if there was an issue, and then produce bugs on a game you already had gotten bug free ^^

i recently asked you about steam releases, but i have another question - you don’t have a producer account there yet, right? i wanted to follow you there and the search gave nothing…

oh i will ^^

yeah, same here, not an optimist in general. also in 2019 i thought it was the worst year of my life, then came 2020… and it was already worse than the previous year at the beginning of march. then i got a break - the pandemic kinda distracted me from the crap of the previous 5 months, can you imagine :/. an ahole the size of a large galaxy, and expanding, if you ask me >_< … besides, right now in these times, to be optimistic and merry you’d have to s**k a clown every day for breakfast or sth

yay steam, cool! i also like my games together, even if i have to wait 2-3 more weeks. but i think i would even have used paypal and for the 1st time bought sth/it here otherwise, i just can’t miss on them ^^

glad you’re back, take your time - even if i’m really impatient for both side and main game - RL is sometimes a *tch and we all don’t pick what’s happening in it. thank you for all the hard work you & your team put into those games! <3 ah btw.. you DO intend to sell those games on steam, right? i don’t do paypal usually, especially not when they ask for an account (depends)… i can’t bear the idea not to get those games TT

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YAY! ^^ awesome ! thanks a lot, it starts now ^^

would be very appreciated ^^ but no pressure, only if you feel like it

waited before, after, during reload.. minutes.. nothing TT - on 2 different browsers, old FF and new chrome. nope, nada, nuttin. can this be downloaded somewhere?

hmm weird.. when i hit run game, i get a black square.. and that’s it! i’m on chrome/windows

ok thank you ^^

hi ^^ - is this fix automatically applied to the steam version?

support did this for me in a wink.. but it was a unique thing. if you “claim” - willingly or not - a ton of games regularly, i think they won’t do it every time.

so yeah, adding an unclaim feature is sorely needed, +1

amazing! another awesome Rusty Lake game in pure cube style - i missed this soooo much! the puzzles are tough enough to make it worth playing, but no need for a WT, just patience & logic & creativity. also long enough to make it interesting but not too long to get tired. loved the theme, the passages to the different parts, the parts themselves… the great music… everything. happy anniversary Rusty Lake, and thanks for this game so extremely well done! i had lotsa fun playing this. the past is never dead and this particular cube/roots universe shall never pass!

just bought it thru steam - and the controller works perfect afaik! yay! maybe it’s the full game, or the steam client, anyways i can enjoy “real” spatial gaming now ^^

ok.. will do, thank you ^^

just saw this game at 100% sale, and discovered the “claim” feature. thought it was a good idea. but after trying it out, i realized that 1) i can’t even play it with my gamepad even the tag “gamepad” showed this game, 2) i don’t like it, the sound grates on my nerves after 10 secs. but now it’s featured in my library, and i just don’t wanna see it there.

how can i UNCLAIM this game and make it disappear forever?

sure i enjoyed it - love the coloring & discovery! ^^ well, i wouldn’t ask for refund, i’m sure i’d love the full game anyways, i’d just enjoy the actual movement a lot more with a pad, lol. but the discovery part stays the same = interesting. but i’m glad you’re offering the p&c option now (soon). so that’s a buy then. i might wait until after the update to play it - if i can XD btw… if you ever thought of making a “search” sequel, i’d buy it too! loved those doors, and the paint brushes ^^ wink, nudge

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nice game! i wishlisted it on steam, i like the general idea of recoloring a world. played the demo, and in a way i’m both thrilled for more… and i was expecting something like “search” which i love. i mean, a 2d point’n’click. so, in the demo, moving with the mouse wasn’t as fun as i thought, and i’m not using the keyboard! then i remembered i have an old gamepad i almost never use (i play mostly mouse games) - logitech dual action. it works in the windows settings, and i’m pretty sure i used it a few months ago in a (??) game. while i’m not really a gamepad user, for discolored i would really enjoy it way more than the mouse. but i don’t get it to work, in the settings there are fields for the keyboard and the mouse, not a gamepad, and pressing around the gamepad in the mouse fields is no use. what can i do to get this gamepad to work in discolored? i mean, i could play the full game with the mouse… but i know i’ll get upset a lot about the moving around. i plan to get it from steam this week.. if i get the pad to work..

EDIT: tested it on - works perfect!