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awwww cr*p.. i never use a mouse pad but i'd have been srsly tempted with this one, it's awesome ^^ lmao..  even you're supposed to use a mousepad with your mouse - and not your fingers XD (but i was too late for the kickstarter anyways, besides my dislike for spreading data).

you're doing an amazing job with those games, and also the merch! keep up the good work :D - looking forward to november-ish (btw, this one's never getting on steam if i remember, right? so  i can buy it here right away i guess)

wow.. heavy duty business rules.. ;)

k then, i'll wait. or, at some point, i might get it here XD

sometimes really longer seems... been over 2 months now - did you get a negative answer from steam or are you still waiting?

awesome! ^__^  can't wait.. but i will XD. i prefer all my games in one client/UI. thanks for your hard work!

sorry if i'm dense.. so what about NON-backers who would like to buy the game on steam right now ( and probably need an +18 patch from itch  i guess)? also, i tried to find you/ypress on steam, nothing ~

they rejected even a censored demo? urgh. how bigoted. i'm sorry.

well, i guess your game doesn't feature enough sniper guns or other lethal weapons, wandering undead corpses and/or skimpily dressed (read "half-naked") easy underage school girls - all the savory healthy things steam's younger customers really need to be regularly presented with to grow into mature, responsible, mentally balanced adults... or maybe it was lacking eerie erratic pixel clusters in very bright colors, just so we don't forget the humble start of computer graphics two centuries ago ;)

hey there ^^
as mentioned here ( ), i can't KS. but the game will be purchasable on itch or steam (with itch patch) right?

demo is a great upgrade from the PWtmP sidekick! ^^ having a plot is nice too XD.

adorable MC inc his whole tribe (with those who passed), and cool choice of knights' personalities/appearance. i won't even mention i fell for the bad guy, nuuuh.. <3
the overall graphics with their medieval touch are awesome. loved the work/study screen! - even i worked myself to exhaustion pretty often - the idea of adding the $ balance after someone gave feedback was a must, it would have been bothersome to choose without it. sound is really pleasant and in context. the whole idea of the competition is interesting, also MC sneaking in for the (lovely) gifts. if the dream is any indication of what's to come (*bray* *snigger*), the CG are very promising. so, demo left me wondering what's in  store for Leith!

looking forward to the game when it's released. btw, any chance of a steam release with itch patch? otherwise i'll get it here.
side note: thx for creating MM, double thx for +18 MM. it's sorely needed! ^^

EDIT: not important, but in the demo when Leith picks a favor and "attaches it" the CG still shows the white one.. it's a bit weird. either changing the color accordingly in the CG or not mentioning his sister exchanging the white band for the favor might maybe flow better?

nice PWtmP! :D
for having been made in a month, it's cool. nice little differences in the scenes/CG after different choices, and the final CG/endings were great. loved Lhoriss, also the mirror ^^

awesome demo! those incubi are really hot! especially Harsi <3. and it's just bara enough to enjoy beautiful males, but yeah, no need for too much hair XD - it's perfect. nice UI, good plot. love the idea of a moresome too! waiting impatiently for it to be out!

i saw sth in the previous comments.. not sure. you're planning to also release the game for sale right? like, on steam (with patch) or here? i can't back it on KS, first i'm really broke until the end of april (by then the KS is over), second i don't really like to spread data at too many places.. but on steam or even here, i'd buy it immediately ^^

really loved the demo! beautiful art, and the charas are endearing. it's also hilarious, and very sexy - i laughed so hard at the wizard's fantasy and his face (i just can't call him.. gramps! he's too hawt!). totally looking impatiently forward to buy the game.

now, i saw the IGG.. it mentions a digital game with steam key for those who back for 10$ - does that mean the game will also be available simply on steam to buy without going through IGG (= pay for game as usual on steam instead of backing on IGG)? i don't exactly love to leave cc trails everywhere..

excellent! loved the demo! can't wait to buy the full game ^^. i'm also one of those who'd like to have it on steam, but since you'll release it here first i won't be patient enough to not get it immediately after release XD - however with a steam key i could add it later.

besides it being BL (with possible 3some, the twins, if i got it right? yay), for which there are still so few titles - hence it's very appreciated - i like the fact that it's not a fluffy VN. this psycho streak of Rei is thrilling, and he's hot af, as are the twins. the other charas are all nicely balanced in their age/style. the main plot is very interesting too, Rei/us being a detective and a killer is a genial idea. beautiful graphics, sprites as backgrounds! and the few CG we got were awesome. hope you guys have everything on your side to finish this amazing game! ^^