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Hey! Thank you for the extensive review! :)

We agree with all the flaws, which you pointed out.

In hindsight, we probably should have tested the game on a bigger group instead of testing it just on our own.

While we didn't have many problems playing the game, we can definitely see people struggling with some of the later levels.

Lesson learnt! :)

Hey there, thanks for playing our game. We are really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! :)

In regards to the highlighting of the monster stuff that appears during party We actually considered highlighting them as well with the highlight button but we decided not to. We wanted the players to have a small freak out when they hear the "monster stuff appeared" sound. In retrospect, the monster parts turned out really small (especially on smaller monitors, for example laptop screens) and we don't know if we did the correct thing by not highlighting the monster stuff.

On one hand we are happy that players actually try to investigate the rooms to find what caused the eerie sound but on the other hand, I've seen some people get frustrated because they couldn't find something that was too small.

It was a tough design decision to make!

Hey! Thanks for your feedback, we are preparing this game for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018, the deadline is on Friday I believe. We are working hard on implementing more Monsters and putting together more levels that are much bigger than the one in current version.

So be sure to give it a go on Friday :)