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Ahhh oh my gosh I'm so glad!!! Thank you!!!! I'm not on either of those much but if I decide to post there I will absolutely tag you <33333

Hi! I've been around since the Gehennam days, and I want to say I love the way 1001 days is panning out. I especially love Sinbad! He is so cute and his presence inspires such joy. 

A quick question: would you be okay with people cosplaying your characters and posting them on social media? I would of course credit you; I just really love Sinbad, and think it would be cool to bring him to life. Please let me know!

Gotcha! Thank you.

Also, will the final game be free or will it cost money?

Of course! I am so excited to see what you all do with it :)

Oh my gosh! I just played through Dietrich's route and it was so sweet. The romance between the two of them feels incredibly organic and genuine. There were so many moments where I stopped and smiled because the moment was just so cute. 

This game is so well made! I so appreciate the pronoun and appearance options! Thank you for making such a lovely game. I look forward to seeing how it continues!

Of course! I hope you don't mind the continued comments. 

That definitely makes sense :)

And absolutely! I'm excited to see what happens next.

Figured I'd post it here since this is the page for chapter 2 :) Here are my comments once more!

Oh my gosh! I'm so excited that chapter two came out! It was incredible, as expected. //spoilers 

I loved seeing the crew interact with each other! Getting to see their dynamics with one another was so much fun. The art was lovely, as usual. I especially enjoyed the scene with Aya and June! It was so cute and funny! 

The flirting was amazing also, as usual!

Super excited to learn more about this mystery character! 

Thank you all so much for the hard work you put into Andromeda Six! We are all incredibly appreciative of it!

Of course! I'm happy to hear it. I will definitely keep an eye out. I'm excited for what's next! :)

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hi! i just started playing this game but WOW the art is stunning!!!! all the character sprites and their expressions are so interesting and its genuinely so enjoyable just to look at them. i'm excited to play more! thank you for sharing such beautiful art and characters with the world! 

edit: the flirting is so cute! i love all the dialogues and how personalized they are to each character and each interaction. the attention to detail is sublime!

Oh my god. This is such a beautiful game; I've only played Kate and Rachel's routes so far, but it is just so stunning. The choices are so deeply impactful and the slight shifts in how the plot plays out based on your differing choices are wonderful. Rachel's route was so, so beautiful. You have managed to capture these characters in all they are absolutely brilliantly. Kudos to you for making such an incredible game. Thank you for sharing such an amazing piece of art. 

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this game is incredible!! the background remains consistent throughout most of the game, but enraptures me all the same. i love how each choice makes such a significant change in how things play out; the character development is like a soft hum beneath a bridge, ever present, but not overwhelming. the relationships blossom well, and the character designs are beautiful. i love kikka and her valiant heart. kudos, GBPatch, for making a game that is both thought-provoking and stirring. 

i began playing this game in about april and was so excited for this chapter! i loved the moment with leslie and mc and him getting flustered then startled when he realized who it was hehe!!! it was so cute and funny. the art is so captivating because it captures each moment fantastically. also, i've really wanted to be able to have leslie and aldrich together so it's awesome that we can get them together even though we can't currently play as aldrich!!!!!! (though i still really want to romance him too! i'll just have to do two playthroughs haha) i love love love the music and i just can't imagine how much work goes into this with all the branching and such!!!!!! such kudos to you for such an innovative and original concept and game. i love this and cannot wait to see what's next!!!!!!

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oh my god i just started playing this today but its literally so good????? it's so funny i am smiling ear to ear and have been p much the entire time i played??? i love all the asian characters its so so so nice to see representation and to be represented because asian characters (esp south asian characters) tend to be ignored so im really happy abt that!! also min is so cute and so is akarsha!!! diya is adorable too! akarsha's humor is so funny and clever i love. i also love how protective min is over all her friends !!! everyone is so cute and this game and the music and the pictures all are so funny and lovely!! thank you so much for making such an awesome game!!

edit: ok i just finished this and im sobbing this was SO cute and good and just !!!!! it makes me so happy that you made this game it means so much to me and i can relate to so much of its its just so pure and funny and cute and wow im so happy!!!!!!! thank you bunches for making this wonderful piece !! 

<333 :)

i haven't had a chance to play through everyone's route since i just downloaded it recently but this game is very cute!!! all the art is adorable and i love the little events and such. the narration is really cute and positive and this game is so diverse and has awesome representation! kudos to you for making such a great game. 

very cute! submitted the full demo survey (i played the teaser and submitted responses for that one too) i hope to see the full game soon; it looks nice. my personal favorite reindeer are rudolph, cupid, and dancer. i just want to give rudolph a hug!!! a sweet cinnamon bun. :) 

oh, lovely!! that really helps!

thank you so much for the help!! haha

and thank you for the recommendation! :)

good luck on future projects! :) 

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ah of course!!! :) i was really worried because i didn't want to come off as rude. i'm so glad my suggestions helped!!

i understand coding is not easy; i've tried my hand at ren'py and struggled quite a bit with that aha. i just figured some input might be helpful, and i'm glad to find that it was beneficial.

also yes rusty was SO cute :D

also i'm not sure if it is just my computer but i was unable to fast forward anything (meaning things i had already played, like common route stuff), nevermind skip, so that's what i was alluding to when i said i had to keep clicking through the routes that i had already played.

i tried pressing the ctrl key multiple times but it didn't work D: not sure if that's what you meant by fast-forwarding in your reply, but i just wanted to let you know.

anyways, thank you for the response!

you're very kind in your reply :)

cute game!

Rusty was my favorite character! His character design was gorgeous and his ending was really sweet <3

i have a few suggestions, if that'd be alright!

-maybe add in a skip feature because it can be rather tiresome having to click all the way through things you've played (common route stuff) to play someone's route (i did that so many times i lost count and i was pretty tired by the end of it haha)

-also maybe you could add in the option to back scroll with text? i ended up accidentally missing dialogue a lot and i really didn't want to have to start all over to read the text in case i didn't end up saving right before that point

-also it'd be awesome if we were able to lower/mute the music because i like to listen to other songs when i play games and it was tough to do that because i had no way to mute the music

these are just some suggestions i wanted to offer in case you were looking for any!

anyways, i liked the game. the characters were cute and i just cannot get over how gorgeous Rusty's character design was the colors complimented each other so well lol!!

have a wonderful day!

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this game is so cute ahhh i love it!! i first downloaded it in april and just played with the new update. love all the little details. also i love the fact that the mc is a poc because she looks just like me (that never happens w game mcs) and that makes me SO unbelievably happy i can't even tell you. she's gorgeous. her unshakable optimism is hilarious and rather endearing because she doesn't take nonsense from anyone, and i love it. also shiloh is so cute!!!! <333 so is everett, even though he has quite a bit of an attitude sometimes haha. great game, very engaging and entertaining. especially love the little quiz thing at the end. very cute.

this was so cute. i got the good ending the first time i played and i loved it. adorable character design. quick and cute.

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I don't have words. I just began this game today and I've been playing it nonstop for the past three hours. It is absolutely brilliant. The characters are so wonderful and unique and the artwork is beautiful and I just. wow. (spoilers//) I've just played both of Klaude's routes and wow. They are stunning. This game is so wonderful I don't even have words. I'm quite honestly speechless. Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort to create a masterpiece like this. It's incredibly engaging and entertaining. It's positively brilliant, as are the characters. I'm really eager to continue and eventually unlock Waltz's route! (He and Fritz were the first two I really wanted to play, haha!) Seeing MC's character development was really nice, because I really connected with a lot of her feelings and how she isolated herself. Character development for everyone was huge, and I adored seeing them become better versions of themselves. I'm also in love with the fact that the chapter titles change depending on the choices you make. The change from The Beauty and The Sinner to The Beauty and The Beast took my breath away. Thank you so much for making such a brilliant game and making it free. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this, because it's one of the best games I've played.


I've just finished Waltz's route and I am positively adore him. His route was by far my favorite so far; I felt his gave the most closure and overall feeling of contentment I am always been searching for when I play these games. It was so lovely, and he is my favorite love interest. His story has so much depth and his relationship to MC is my favorite. (spoilers//) I was always so enamored by how kindly he spoke to the princess, regardless of how cold she was, and now I know why. The best-friend-turned-lover trope is one of my favorites. There is a beautiful unspoken understanding between the two of them that makes them my favorite pair of CP. Thank you so much for such a brilliant, fascinating, and well-developed game! I'm repeating myself quite a bit, but I really am in awe of CP. I must add that the music was stunning, as was the art and the facial expressions. It was so marvelously high quality and came together incredibly. Everyone had such a unique plot line, and it really suited each of their personalities. 10/10 Would recommend :)