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this game is so cute ahhh i love it!! i first downloaded it in april and just played with the new update. love all the little details. also i love the fact that the mc is a poc because she looks just like me (that never happens w game mcs) and that makes me SO unbelievably happy i can't even tell you. she's gorgeous. her unshakable optimism is hilarious and rather endearing because she doesn't take nonsense from anyone, and i love it. also shiloh is so cute!!!! <333 so is everett, even though he has quite a bit of an attitude sometimes haha. great game, very engaging and entertaining. especially love the little quiz thing at the end. very cute.

Thank you! It's really wonderful to hear that our MC's design makes you happy ^^. And we're glad you've found a couple guys you like. Thanks for sharing your thoughts C:.