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ah of course!!! :) i was really worried because i didn't want to come off as rude. i'm so glad my suggestions helped!!

i understand coding is not easy; i've tried my hand at ren'py and struggled quite a bit with that aha. i just figured some input might be helpful, and i'm glad to find that it was beneficial.

also yes rusty was SO cute :D

also i'm not sure if it is just my computer but i was unable to fast forward anything (meaning things i had already played, like common route stuff), nevermind skip, so that's what i was alluding to when i said i had to keep clicking through the routes that i had already played.

i tried pressing the ctrl key multiple times but it didn't work D: not sure if that's what you meant by fast-forwarding in your reply, but i just wanted to let you know.

anyways, thank you for the response!

you're very kind in your reply :)

Nah, it was really well put and really helpful, and right now, constructive criticism is incredibly welcome. owob

As for the fast forward thing, at the bottom right of the screen, there is like a little cog icon for the options.

If you click on it, you get a few options, where you can save the game, or load one, but also 'skip'. Though it basically fast forwards you through the events of the game up to the next option, unless you click.

And also, Tyranobuilder is way easier than Ren'py, especially considering I was a beginner. I super recommend it to you should you ever want to try your hand again XD

oh, lovely!! that really helps!

thank you so much for the help!! haha

and thank you for the recommendation! :)

good luck on future projects! :)