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Thank you!! <3

Haha thanks for playing, hakey! We're glad you liked it :)

Projeto muito sensivel e infelizmente muito atual. Parabéns a equipe que conseguiu retratar essa realidade tão bem e deixar esse jogo acessível a muitas pessoas, já que foi feito pensando em ser um jogo para celulares.

E muito emocionante também, quase chorei jogando :/

Muito obrigada, Danilo!! Só que a gente parou o projeto, então não vai sair build pra Web ou Mac :/

Parabens a equipe pelo game! Ficou muito massa! :D

Muito legal o roteiro do jogo e ta muito bonitinho o game! Parabens pra equipe :D

Super parabéns pelo game!! Muito bem polido e com um roteiro muito legal :D

That's great to hear! 

We are fixing the controls for sure! A new better version will be released soon ;)

And we'll certainly consider what you said about checkpoints! Thank you!! :D

Thank you!

Hi Amy! 

Thank you so much! 

Yes, we are fixing the controls issue and we are just waiting to post the new version after the rating period is over.  Thanks for the feedback!

And we are so happy that you like the game! We’ll continue to develop the game for sure :D

Vlw Gui!! :DD

Very good game for just one person! It's lacking the artist part (sprites, scenario etc), however, there are really good mechanics, enemies and levels there! The game is really nice! :D

I am sorry for that. But we will fix then inputs, for sure!

And thank you a lot for playing and for the feedback! It's really nice to hear that people liked our game!

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This is so nice to hear! Thank you!

And still, we are going to figure out what to do to fix the controls. We do not want you guys getting frustrated about it.  ;)

I am sorry to hear about that. But certainly we will fix this issue and figure out a way to not let the player get lost easily after using the Pulse once in later versions.

Great feedback for us! Thanks so much!

Yes, we will definitely fix the jump issue and enhance the camera movement for later versions of the game.

Thank you a lot for playing and for giving us feedback! And we are happy to know that you liked our game!

Thank you!! We are glad that you like it!

And about the music, I totally agree with you! It's a really good music to encourage you while playing.

Thank you!

We are really glad that you like it! :D

Oh, that’s so great to hear! We are very happy to know that you like it and we really appreciate that you played it and made the fan art! :D

And even for me, the game is not that easy haha  So, probably you’re not the only one bad at it :P

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Owwn, It’s so cute!

And it’s very excellent! Thanks a lot! :D 

We are really happy to see you guys doing fan arts of our game! This is so nice! 😄

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Omg o.o

A very different view of things 🤔  we never thought of Impulse like that haha :P

Thanks!! :))


I loved your fan art! Really funny! XD 

Thanks! :D

P.S.: What did you think about the game?

Don't say that! You are helping people by giving feedback of their games and making art based on them. We would love to hear what you think about our game and see your fan art of it!!

We are excited to see what you have for Impulse! :D

Thank you a lot for playing, BytePen! It’s very good to hear that you still like it, despite not having players online! And sorry about that too :/

Thanks, Wookaloop! And sorry to hear that. We don't have a lot of people playing, so you can join an existing server :/

Thanks, NeatGames!

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Thank you very much for playing!

You can host your own server that people can join in too. Just ask another person to open the link,  download the game, and enter on your serve! You can invite more people if you want too ;)