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It's Itch, not the first time i've had a game do this. and yeah i'm using windows...

Where is the web download exactly?

How do you download this? Says it can't define the build.

Oh nice!

There's a chakat in this? I didn't think that many people outside of Australia paid them much attention!

Great game, slight problem with though in terms of downloading, first two (mega and mirror #1) are incompatible with itch and the third one (mirror #2) throws up a slice bounds out of range [:-1] error.

Hmm 6% of chapter 4 left? Have you seen the size of chapter 4? It's supposedly bigger than the previous 3 chapters combined and we all know how long it took him to pump out the first 3...Saying that there's only 6% of a chapter to finish isn't putting the actual size of the chapter into scope, it could 6% of rendering to complete (that shit takes a long time) or it could be 6% of code to complete (again that takes ages, especially if it's just one person) so how about you cut him some slack?

You also missed the point i was trying to make, he's the only one working on this so of COURSE it's going to take him ages to put out chapter 4, he doesn't have a team he can spread the load over to make things go faster.

Are you worried that chapter 4 isn't coming out as fast as you'd like it to? He gave the first 3 chapters out for free for crying out loud, that's more than what a LOT of devs dole out, usually it's just a few missions/scenarios with a demo of the game.

will do!

Not a problem!

Hello, first off nice game but i've hit what i think is a bug...Every time a forest catches fire my survivors will always go and collect the ashes even IF i de-flag the ashes for hauling, the game just re-flags them to be picked up.

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I see this game having great potential, trying it out on here first to get a feel for it but i will be getting it on steam as this kind of game is right up my alley so to speak.

Edit: will absolutely be getting this on steam once is is available!

Yeah i figured that would be the case

Think i will do that!

unable to download this, itch can't seem to find anything

Thank you for the quick reply and simple answer!

I fully understand that actually, making a game is never cheap! Also the patreon supporters are acting as beta testers for the locked races now that i think about it...I do hope this game grows well!

Just a question for you devs, on the screen where you go through the dungeons...Was it deliberate for the character to stop on the traps that pop in/out of the floor? I have to quickly click again to get the character to get off the tile otherwise he just sits there taking damage until i move him off.

Interesting setup for sure, just wish there was more of a choice in terms of playable races for non patreon supporters (do not think i do NOT see the patreon symbol where the species arrows should be when making a new character lol) but hey, if you want to literally paywall the others that are ready to go then that's your decision.

Really? He's working with a very advanced program, loads of code, is the ONLY one working on it and you expect a lot of results? Making a game isn't an easy thing, doubly so when using a 3d program/render software like this.

I'd like to see you two make a game like this in the same time frame and the money thing? Triple A companies throw a LOT more that what he's making currently at a game they are making every DAY and what do we normally get? Mediocre, run of the mill games for the most part.

Have to butt in here, You DO realize that 3gb that you say this thing uses (on the system setups you tested it on) is NOT just for graphics right? 1/4 to 3/4ths of ram memory usage is computing based only, the ram only stores info that is constantly needed by the program as it's running so it lessens the load on the system as a whole and said memory is cleared when the PC is shut off so the entire lot can be used once again.

The GPU takes on most of that and if it can't get enough ram to use THEN it borrows from the CPU ram, always has, always WILL.

You say you're a Beta tester? I find that hard to find truthful for a few reasons, the main one being NO Beta tester would EVER hold that job for more than a second with how you talk...The other reasons are these, a Beta testers main job is to troubleshoot, find bugs, report them and give feedback. Second reason is even a Beta tester should know that know that not all programming is "universal" AKA it's not a one size fits all deal and you did not just compare this Dev to Bethesda...You do realize that Bethesda hasn't been able to make a stable game since Morrowind right?