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Have to butt in here, You DO realize that 3gb that you say this thing uses (on the system setups you tested it on) is NOT just for graphics right? 1/4 to 3/4ths of ram memory usage is computing based only, the ram only stores info that is constantly needed by the program as it's running so it lessens the load on the system as a whole and said memory is cleared when the PC is shut off so the entire lot can be used once again.

The GPU takes on most of that and if it can't get enough ram to use THEN it borrows from the CPU ram, always has, always WILL.

You say you're a Beta tester? I find that hard to find truthful for a few reasons, the main one being NO Beta tester would EVER hold that job for more than a second with how you talk...The other reasons are these, a Beta testers main job is to troubleshoot, find bugs, report them and give feedback. Second reason is even a Beta tester should know that know that not all programming is "universal" AKA it's not a one size fits all deal and you did not just compare this Dev to Bethesda...You do realize that Bethesda hasn't been able to make a stable game since Morrowind right?