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Interesting setup for sure, just wish there was more of a choice in terms of playable races for non patreon supporters (do not think i do NOT see the patreon symbol where the species arrows should be when making a new character lol) but hey, if you want to literally paywall the others that are ready to go then that's your decision.

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Later other species will be playable in the game through story and lewd romance. But for now, Patrons need to be rewarded for the financial and moral support they show towards the game's the development. It's not cheap or fast to make games, I am thousands in the red on this game, but I make it because I want to. And their support makes it faster and easier for me.

Later though, there will be ways to play as anything for everyone, transformation traps, a salon and other content planned around breeding. Patrons will still get it easier, because that is the nature of the system.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

I fully understand that actually, making a game is never cheap! Also the patreon supporters are acting as beta testers for the locked races now that i think about it...I do hope this game grows well!

Alpha testers is more like, at this stage, but yeah, they are keeping everything going! It's growing faster than I ever hoped, so I hope that everyone can play every species soon. They are voting on the next species now. Join the discord if you have ideas or more feedback, I am always willing to listen.

Think i will do that!