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^^ dont know... i never actually saw that... maybe someone of my classmates who rated it one star out of fun ;) 

you are very welcome to rate it better :D

thanks for the comment!

Hey tito76

thanks for playing :) im glad i'd worked out for you.

this was our first project a long time ago (2years) it was not intended to finish or fix the gameplay because we now have other games which i will release also on as soon as it finishes. so stay tuned !

wish you all the best 

hey jdotplay i watched your lets play! as i said in the comments thank you very much for playing and for the nice words!

greetings from switzerland!

good news!

i managed to make a windows build ... but the 32bit was not possible.

i would be happy if you could let me know if it works properly :)

i really hope it works because i cant do much more...

have fun! :)

Hello Tito 76

Thanks for your comment!
first of all i'm so very very very sorry. i made this project 2 years ago with my partner on an old GameMaker version. We both lost the project file because we've never thought that somebody will actually play this game. the only thing we have is this mac version. i will do my best to search the project and rebuild it for windows. If we succeed i will contact you immediately.

Best wishes