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Not sure if it picks up over time but it starts of very slow and repetitive. It adheres to the theme and the games looks good enough but could use a little more polish and some more variety/challenge in the first waves, maybe make the 1st waves go faster.

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A little weird to control but love the idea and adherence to the theme. Perfect.

A fairly original idea but I'm kinda lost about what the numbers represent and what to do other than just constantly putting cannonballs into the cannons, maybe a little more game juice or feedback to show us what's specifically going on (like when we take damage or deal damage etc.) . I like the graphics and the general gameplay tho. 

Lots of polish, nice idea and some good gamefeel but it's fairly difficult, maybe some audio cues or a larger FOV + the reticle perfectly snapping to the mouse instead of sorta easing into it. Amazing for 48 hrs by 1 person tho.

Fairly difficult, but a very cool idea. Amazing to see how much you've gotten done with the time

Very original idea that perfectly fits the theme. Possibly some more ways to attack would be cool but a very interesting idea.

Very polished, perfectly worked with the theme, some of the levels were a little easy but yeah

Love the idea, really liked the upgrade system at the end of each level. Decent graphics; would've liked a little more variety in weapons or enemy design but really good for 48 hours

A really fun game, loved the game boy aesthetic. Some really interesting puzzles in order to get all the trinkets on the correct day/night. Perfect little game

A really fun game, feels good to kill the enemies with the red flash and screen shake, but audio would really help it, would make the game feel a lot more engaging. The boss was really fun,  the game controls very well and is really well balanced with it being fairly difficult but not too difficult. The game could definitely use some sound effects or music, the health bar also doesn't seem to go to nothing when you die which means it's not clear when you're about to die. Also an end screen would be really appreciated. Great game all in all and I hope you're continuing to develop this.