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A really fun game, loved the game boy aesthetic. Some really interesting puzzles in order to get all the trinkets on the correct day/night. Perfect little game

A really fun game, feels good to kill the enemies with the red flash and screen shake, but audio would really help it, would make the game feel a lot more engaging. The boss was really fun,  the game controls very well and is really well balanced with it being fairly difficult but not too difficult. The game could definitely use some sound effects or music, the health bar also doesn't seem to go to nothing when you die which means it's not clear when you're about to die. Also an end screen would be really appreciated. Great game all in all and I hope you're continuing to develop this.

I would say, maybe change the font to something other thank comic sans, make the cutscene much larger, and more easy to read and possibly make the levels more than completely horizontal with the same enemy placed in the same way.