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this game is good I like the minimalist art style "which is like my game btw", I like the animation of the cube character, it really gives it a personality, one thing I noticed is that the music sometimes turn off suddenly, IDK if the problem is from me, ah and also it's so hard xD

but overall it's a very cool Game!

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the art and the animation the controls on this game are so good I like the boomerang a lot, the things that I noticed is the sword does not work and the enemies barely do damage to the player, and also there is no obvious goal to achieve, maybe it's because of the time limitation, but overall if this game will be completed it will be a good title I will definitely play it again. Good Work!

this game is so good, with very good mechanics very cool art, the music is so good and its fitting the game so well, and what I really like is the first level when the game let me get usual with the controls Great Job!👏👏👏👏

I like this game so much, the animation, the art, the music, well done, the only thing that needs is a variation in enemies may be 4 kinds of enemies will be better than two, overall it's a very cool game.

I really the mechanics in this game Great work!

thank you so much for playing and rating my game, I am so happy that you liked it. :)

this game is good, the only thing I wish if there is only some juice like SFX or music.

it's a very good game, with good art, good mechanics and good level design, Great Job!

Thank you very much for playing and rating my game, about quitting the end screen, I am sorry that I didn't implement that, but I thought there is no need for it as long as you can exit with alt+f4.

I really like the pixel art in this game, it's a good game

the only thing I noticed that sometimes the camera keep going forward even when the player is not in the frame, but Overall Great Job

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback, I will definitely try to make the music stick around between scenes.

it still a very good game. even without the score

the game is good just need some juice like some UI: you know score and stuff, but anyone it's a good game

me too

I like the game it's a cool game the only thing I noticed the health bar doesn't update.

Oh, I think if I add checkpoints it will be very easy to finish the game in under 5 minutes xD

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the voice of the teacher freak me out, but the game is good, the controls are a little bit hard to get.

I really enjoyed your game but the only thing I wish if you can fix it is the camera, the player is always in the center of it, if you can smooth its movement it will be a very very good game.

yeah I know, I tried to fix it but the only way is by remaking the whole movement system again and it was late, but about restarting the level you can press "B+8" to restart the level that you were in, instead of doing everything again.

thank you for playing my game

thank you Duude

my internet suck, I barely upload a windows version

this video will help you more

ofcrs, I just followed this Manual:

25 seconds before the deadline, impressive