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I'm having similar issues. Framerate of about 1 frame per second. I find that the game is using less than 10% cpu and less than 200MB ram. Windows 10. Geforce GTX 1060 or thereabouts. The lag begins only after the unity logo (in the game). No command line output.

Works for me. The 'PenitentDeadV1.4-Linux_Data' is in the same dir as the 'PenitentDeadV1.4-Linux.x86_64', which you are running, yes?

Tried the latest version (demo, linux), no, I can still only go in 8 directions. I should add that I didn't notice this was going on for a while when I started playing, it still has variable speed, I think, so it feels more fluid than it possibly is.

Another issue, file-roller (which is standard) has trouble unpacking the .gz. It would show a tar file inside, named the same as whatever the .gz was called, and it wouldn't be able to open that tar. Changing the extension to .tar.gz fixes the problem.

This is lovely! I'm playing with a gamepad and I'm really confused, why have you locked movement to 8 directions? Only getting half the benefits of a gamepad :[