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Golfing Over It with Alva Majo is a discouraging game about climbing a surreal mountain with a golf ball, a different take on 2017's hit Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Experience the challenge of climbing an unyielding mountain without infuriating controls being part of that challenge.

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pureya devlog #12 - Eight new minigames

pureya devlog #11 - Improving the functionality

Improving the functionality with a new menu, a pause screen and a skip screen, and adding a couple of extra modes.

I've set up a pureya community here on where you will find the link to download the game. Try it out and give me your feedback!

pureya devlog #10 - Lack of focus 

Making changes, realizing they don't work as expected and undoing most of the work.

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pureya devlog #9 - Drawing the ending cinematic

Improvements, extra skins, and the drawing of the ending cinematic.

pureya devlog #8 - Narrative pachinko 

The map is replaced by an unlock table and the first 2 reach cinematics are created.

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Engineered to be the perfect mobile game, pureya is a stream of 10-seconds-long arcade minigames plus a pachinko in which you can spend your score to unlock new content.

What makes it a perfect mobile game?

· Two big buttons, one for each of your thumbs.
· Instantly intuitive; no need for text or tutorials.
· Play sessions as short as 1 minute.
· Engaging enough to be played for hours at a time.

Pureya will also be available for PC platforms, because being a perfect choice to play on the go doesn't make it any less enjoyable to play from the comfort of your home!

Video DevLog:

Pureya Video Devlog Playlist


Pureya is being developed by Alva Majo, from Spanish indie studio Majorariatto, creators of Majotori .

· Website
· @5ro4
· @Majorariatto
· Facebook

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Sometimes, when someone makes a wish, Lariat the witch appears and challenges them to a game of trivia. If they win, she makes their wish come true, but if they lose, something bad may happen instead.

The game:

  • Answer trivia
  • Make dreams come true
  • Ruin lives

The trivia:

  • Original and engaging questions
  • About video games
  • About movies
  • About animation
  • About everything else

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android!

Get it now here:

You can also vote for it on Steam Greenlight! Thank you!