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toman starling we will personally friend you (opposite of attack) as one of the games top commentators

hello and thank you we believe great art should allow the gamer to take stock and contemplate rather than psychically induce a specific message

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wow! over 10,000 downloads and $2 in organic purchases. thank you everyone for playing and supporting racial justice or equality bundlke! AND believe ME! i am enjoying the 15 cents less than the joy of seeing gamers experience our production WHICH IS A LOT! <3!

we can confirm as mentioned in the game communism ending that all video developers and gamers go to heaven

THANK YOU yes we have created the game for you and we are proud to have opened the debate about the nature of politics. Some centrists extremists have been commenting but we listen with such feedback

hello. with 12 people and due to COVID19 we are unable to give a unified message in the comments. some members are dicks some are not, please enjoy the gaming experience I believe the original comment was made as a joke and punctured by smiling face which is a universal symbol for good will. we would also ask you change your 1/5 review back to 5/5 stars due to the intense comedy gameplay

Hello you need to unzip some where then go into the unzipped folder and double click the ThePoliticalCompass.exe It uses free Renpy game engine so we are unable to code it to work more

the algorithm is unable to determine a gamers beliefs outside of the game

thank you! with help from Buff Gaming we can make a sequel based in itchy o feedback

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I don't mean to insult!! We love you for playing!


yeh sorry ur a centrist :)

i did not know there's another austrian gamers who make them too??

damn this cool!!


great idea!