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yeh sorry ur a centrist :)


Ok cool, you could have said it was working as intended. But instead you went for an insult?

There are places in the real world where people get tortured to death for their political opinions. Generally the people that oppose that are not labelled centrists.

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The Angel of death comes down and tells you to start eviscerating people and you just do it? I don't commit atrocities just cause an authority figure said it was fine. 


Dude, you made a "political satire" that just mocks every side. If anybody here is the centrist, it's you.

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I don't mean to insult!! We love you for playing!


Part of satire is about mocking people with the same beliefs as you. No political party/side is 100% “correct” about everything. If the dev pokes fun at all sides I’d consider that a win for everyone.


I'm not arguing they shouldn't make a game like that. I'm pointing out that calling people centrists, *outside of the game* when you just made a centrist game, is hypocritical.


the algorithm is unable to determine a gamers beliefs outside of the game


Yeah, agreed. So it's a pretty shitty thing for the dev to say I'm a centrist based on how I played the game.


why so serious? did we play the same game? lmao


I'm not pissed because of the game, I'm pissed because the dev's acted like a dick when I asked if the game was supposed to work that way.


hello. with 12 people and due to COVID19 we are unable to give a unified message in the comments. some members are dicks some are not, please enjoy the gaming experience I believe the original comment was made as a joke and punctured by smiling face which is a universal symbol for good will. we would also ask you change your 1/5 review back to 5/5 stars due to the intense comedy gameplay