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Dude, you made a "political satire" that just mocks every side. If anybody here is the centrist, it's you.

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I don't mean to insult!! We love you for playing!


Part of satire is about mocking people with the same beliefs as you. No political party/side is 100% “correct” about everything. If the dev pokes fun at all sides I’d consider that a win for everyone.


I'm not arguing they shouldn't make a game like that. I'm pointing out that calling people centrists, *outside of the game* when you just made a centrist game, is hypocritical.


the algorithm is unable to determine a gamers beliefs outside of the game


Yeah, agreed. So it's a pretty shitty thing for the dev to say I'm a centrist based on how I played the game.


why so serious? did we play the same game? lmao


I'm not pissed because of the game, I'm pissed because the dev's acted like a dick when I asked if the game was supposed to work that way.


hello. with 12 people and due to COVID19 we are unable to give a unified message in the comments. some members are dicks some are not, please enjoy the gaming experience I believe the original comment was made as a joke and punctured by smiling face which is a universal symbol for good will. we would also ask you change your 1/5 review back to 5/5 stars due to the intense comedy gameplay