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Majcher Arcana

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I got into a playtest of this earlier this year—super fun vibes with plenty of unique short- and long-term play that kept me running for more. Check it out!

Awesome—let me know how it goes when you do!

Just added some more—get 'em while they're hot!

They're not statted out as player runners are (CBR+PNK threats are basically clocks with names and descriptions, as in the last screenshot), but if you want to use them as PCs, it only takes a minute to add stats and get rolling. In fact, many of the rival runners here were actually runners from my initial playtest of the /RUN! 

You've got it right! It's the topmost value—I see how the "highest" wording could be confusing though, so I'll update that to be more clear soon. Thanks for the catch!

I just did the exact same thing! It looks fantastic, though, so let's make that a five dollar tip. :D 

Thanks so much! 

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Sorry, the gdocs ashcan link is buried in an update—I added a link to the main description, and you can find it here:

Thanks for catching that!

Looks like Chrome blocks the localstorage that the webapp uses to keep track of how many days you've clicked on, so I'll look at that.... soon? Should be fine on other browsers, when December 1st rolls around...

Oh! I usually add a copy for each dollar I bring in, but I'm pretty liberal with the CCs, so if it's low for a while, I'll usually throw some more on there. :D 

Yeah, I was just including some similar text from another SRD, and being a bit cheeky. :D 

I'm so glad to hear! That's one of my favorites, too. 🦑

The map will be in the final version—it's currently in layout, but things are moving along, and should drop next week sometime! (If you bought the simple version, you'll automatically get the finished edition when I get it up.)

In the meantime, enjoy an online snapshot of the map @majcherarcana:

Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Tarkus - Album Of The Week Club review | Louder

As am I!

You know I'm in if you need!

Apologies! They should be there now—I swear I know how to use a comnputer. :D

I could! We played it over a few sessions, but I bet I could squeeze a good one-shot out of it.

Yep, this is the one! I've had it sitting around for ages, so I figured now would be a good time to put it up. :) Could use another editing pass or two and some more ambitious layout, but here it is.

Yeah, I love the new items—the bubblegum is great.

Awesome! We just played with the new version this weekend, and I love a bunch of it!

Question: Is the getaway vehicle creation bit gone, or did I just miss it? Thanks!

Looking forward to it!

Aaah, you are correct! Thanks for catching that—I'll fix it right up...

The raw playset is here: (I'll post updates as I get stuff formatted, etc)

I'd like to submit my book of games, 24 Game Poems to the bundle: