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Awen (Early Access)

Procedural Tabletop Fantasy Setting Builder · By LeviKornelsen

Playtest Omega, Thread 1: Recruitment!

A topic by LeviKornelsen created Jan 18, 2022 Views: 75 Replies: 4
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Okay, we had three players beyond the ideal for the first playtest, which is enough to straight-up run a second group.  Again, we're looking at . 1-4 weeks at 1-4 posts a day (Like probably 4 weeks if we hover at 1 post/day, 1 week if everyone's hot on it).   Players will need to print a fistful of record sheets and have them around for the duration, reference the book, that kind of thing (all of which are onsite and free).

Post here if you're up for group 2!

I'm still interested!


As am I!