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This is very curious, I remember going through a "writer's block" moment, where I wasn't having much motivation with my development. I decided one day to explore looking for games that could inspire me (or at least find games that are already transmiting the same thing I want my games to transmit) and get me back on track. Tried a lot of games, none of them clicked for me. Finally I found your game, and it just stucked with me. It amazed me how simplistic something can be, but at the same time manage that level of emotion and meaning. It inspired me a lot and got me excited again. Great job here, keep it up! 

Ahora mismo ando trabajando en mi siguiente juego y ando buscando playtesters, si te interesa me pasás tu whatsapp y te añado al grupo de testers! 

Mil gracias! Perdón por responder tan tarde jajaja