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JAJAJA es buenísimo me encantó

Thanks! Uhh do you happen to know where is that option? 

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

It is! Here, Steam and on Gamejolt. 

Hey muchas gracias! ♥

Not at the moment, but I'm not discarding the possibility. 

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Hi everyone! I just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a game I've been doing for some time, go check it out if you're interested!

Evan's Remains is a mystery-thriller puzzle adventure about finding a missing boy: Evan. The game combines logic-based platform puzzles with narrative inspired by japanese graphic adventure games.

Kickstarter Campaign

Free demo!:

Evan's Remains combines logic-based platforming with narrative-driven visual novel elements; follow the journey of Dysis in her attempt to find Evan, a genius who has suddenly gone missing. The game tries to convey a strong feeling of mystery and to leave the player wondering - "just what is really going on here?", Like its inspirations - Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Danganronpa, Yume Nikki, and many others - I hope players will feel a profound sense of satisfaction as they slowly piece together the narrative.

If you're interested, please consider backing or sharing the project with your friends, many thanks! 

Gracias Ivan a vos por hacer los videos! 

Played it at GDC, awesome and well written dialog! 

Played it at GDC and I absolutely loved it! Amazing work! 

Gracias Kuru Kuru! ♥

I did! It made me laugh a lot. Keep up your good work as well :) 

Hey thanks! I'm gonna check it out :) 

Thank you so much Cryptic Hybrid, and thank you for the video as well! Keep up your awesome channel! I had a lot of fun watching it.

Got it. Thanks Crazypreacher! 

Hey thanks a lot friend! Maybe there will, maybe not! (I would love to include one, but i've gotta see if my limited schedule lets me c:) 
Really? I've must missed that, do you remember which part is it? I must correct ir right awayyyy

Hi guys! I've just started this devlog to share the development and spread the word of my game (I'm still not very familiar with the devlog format but I guess I'll get the hang of it.) 

Anyways, Evan's Remains is a puzzle platformer with (a lot) of visual novel elements, that tells a mystery story. You take control of Dysis, a young girl who is sent to an uninhabited island in search of Evan: a genius boy that's been missing for years.  

But as soon as she steps on the island, she starts to get more questions than answers. 

(I get a lot of inspiration from the Ace Attorney and Danganronpa series about the way those games handle the mystery element, even though you don't actually solve any murders here, just puzzles)

But it's a very straightforward game: you solve puzzles and the story progresses. Nothing more complicated than that. 

I don't want to spoil any more details since I believe it's better to experience the demo without knowing too much. 

You can play it here (I will try to get the Mac Os version working for next weekend!) 

Anyways,  if you are still reading up to this point, thank you for your interest! Stay tuned to follow the development, I'll try to keep posting new stuff every 2 weeks or so. 

I'm a solo dev and I'm making almost everything by myself so please be comprehensive if I don't get too much done in a week or something, I'm building this during my free time, when I'm not in my full time job. 

You can find me (or the game) here:


Fan Page

nd if you are truly interested in the game and its future, please join the Discord Community

Thank you for your time, you are awesome. 

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Hi friend! Of course there will be a Mac version, this week I'll be working on that so maybe next weekend we're gonna already have a Mac version. I'll message you when it's ready. Thanks for your interest :) 

Hola Alexis! Me alegra mucho que te haya gustado, por supuesto que puedes hacer un video, sería un honor para mí! Si necesitas algún tipo de información o cualquier cosa para el video no dudes en contactarme. Un abrazo. 

Hi Steven! I'm really glad you liked it! It makes me really happy that you want to write a review about it, it will help me a lot to get the game known. Please let me know when it's done, thanks a lot! 

Evan's Remains is a puzzle platfomer with visual novel elements that tells a mystery story. 

You take control of Dysis, a young girl who's given the task of entering an uninhabited island to look for Evan: a genius boy that's been missing for years. But as she goes there, she starts to get more questions than answers (and a lot of puzzles as well) 

It's a very short experience (about 20 minutes long). It was made almost entirely by myself. After some time of hard work I've finally uploaded it for free. You could say the demo is "finished". So if you are bored you could give it a try! 

Oh, and I made a Discord community for the game, so if you liked it you are invited to join. We can talk about whatever you feel like there. 


This is very curious, I remember going through a "writer's block" moment, where I wasn't having much motivation with my development. I decided one day to explore looking for games that could inspire me (or at least find games that are already transmiting the same thing I want my games to transmit) and get me back on track. Tried a lot of games, none of them clicked for me. Finally I found your game, and it just stucked with me. It amazed me how simplistic something can be, but at the same time manage that level of emotion and meaning. It inspired me a lot and got me excited again. Great job here, keep it up! 

Ahora mismo ando trabajando en mi siguiente juego y ando buscando playtesters, si te interesa me pasás tu whatsapp y te añado al grupo de testers! 

Mil gracias! Perdón por responder tan tarde jajaja