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Thanks for the heads up! The backend url of itch must have changed or something, will get to fixing it.

Meanwhile the downloadable version should work, and the game is also playable on Newgrounds: and Lexaloffle:

Edit: Fixed!

Thank you!

Thanks, that’s a great compliment, and nice to hear!


Thank you, that means a lot!

Yes, it’s on the PICO-8 BBS too :) Here’s the p8.png

No apk sorry. As far as I know there is no simple and up-to-date way of building PICO-8 carts to apk at the moment, but I think it might be planned for the future. Hopefully the browser version plays alright for you, but unfortunately it doesn’t really work on all devices and browsers.

Very nice! Seriously though, you may want to check out the Shelled Shinobi speedrunning community :D They have a forum there and a Discord too, where you can post your runs and discuss:

Cheers! Glad you had fun :)

Thanks for the heads up! It seems to be the demo version where I didn’t have any copy protection. I’ve asked some other sites to take down the copies, but I can’t seem to find contact information on that site. Maybe I’d need to ask the company who’s hosting their server

Congratulations on the new record anyway, and I hope you like the full version!

Some speedruns of the full game have been posted on the PICO-8 forums:

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! I do have plans, but no schedule yet.

Thank you! Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks, great to hear!

Thank you so much!

I don’t know if it’s done yet. I just got the impression from other posts that it was still open for submissions, but I’m not sure.

Thanks for the suggestion.

You can swap the X and Z input in the pause menu (open menu with P or Enter). Also C and V works.

I know those keys are not very intuitive for many players, sorry about that. If you have access to a gamepad, I recommend trying with that.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Didn’t realize earlier that the collection of supporters went on after the bundle ended. Here’s my recently published PWYW game, if it’s not too late:

Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey that's awesome to hear! Thanks for the comment :)

Thank you, great to hear!

The game is now released! Hope you enjoy, and feedback is much appreciated!
I didn't want to delete the old comments, so just to avoid confusion, the older comments below refer to the demo version, which can still be found here:

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Haha that's aweseome! Love seeing speedruns of the game.

The previous record that I'm aware of was posted in the Pico-8 forums by Meep, at 23.9, and I thought even that was practically impossible :D

When I get back to making new levels for this, I'm going to continue in Pico-8. I still only use up a fairly small amount of what fits easily into a P8 cartridge. Just might need to generate some levels in code rather than lay everything out in the map editor, or get more efficient with the sprites to free up some memory for the map data.

I think the limitations of P8 are only positive for this game for my purposes. If I'd like to for example use a bigger resolution, I might consider something like LÖVE (also uses lua, and I don't currently own GMS2). I appreciate the porting offer anyway :)

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Thanks! Probably a good idea to see if I can tweak the unshelled sliding some more for a better feel :)

Edit: Updated 4/11/20 to be a bit less slippery, and a future update will reduce it further.

Cool! Thanks for playing and making the video!
It's great to hear your thoughts on the game while your'e playing it. Gives some good ideas on what to improve as well.

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Thanks! I appreciate the feedback :)
Currently there's a small 2 frame coyote time in the game (running at 30 FPS). I definitely get what you mean though, and I hope buffering will make the input smoother.

Edit: Update on 4/11/20 added a jump buffer.