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Excellent, thank you! :)

Trash Jam community · Created a new topic Existing works?

I wrote a game that is very trashy last month, so unfortunately early - is it acceptable to submit games we have already written if we have never uploaded them to itch? Or would you rather we just used the trash tag when we upload it to help popularise it?

This is a great idea for a thread! I love the Jersey Devil, the Jackalope (and its relative, the Wolpertinger) and the Beast of Bodmin Moor.

Last Podcast got me into so many cryptids! (Though I will also say to potential listeners: content warning for some less than sensitive humour a lot of the time, much as I love them) I also really enjoy Go Folk Yourself, where they look at the weirdest legends they can find from each state in America, which often involves cryptids.

Oooh, I love that legend! Brotherhood of the Wolf is one of my guilty pleasure films, but I also read a lot about the Beast of Gevaudan when studying the wider legends attached to Little Red Riding Hood.

Thanks for playing! That's definitely a good point about the number of names, and the fact that you don't know some of the characters very well by the end. I'm glad to hear the setting was engaging.

Thank you for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

These are some very fair criticisms. I should really have made it that the option to make out with the NPCs only if you'd chosen to hang out with them in the club, which would require some reorganisation of the reveal. 

I had planned a more branching narrative based on the cards originally but unfortunately ran out of time and had to do some quick restructuring, so the choice of fate definitely didn't affect things as much as I intended. I didn't want to risk leaving the player feeling disempowered by basing their eventual path on a veiled choice earlier in the game, but that ended up rendering the earlier choice less meaningful as a result. Thank you for the feedback and I'm hoping to rewrite the ending at some point in the future :)

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you had fun! It's a shame I didn't have time to do what I originally intended with the ending. You're 100% right that it was a time constraint thing.  I had an unexpected deadline halfway through the week that took most of my time, so I only ended up with a day to write it, with a couple of hours either side for structure, learning to use Twine (I'd only used ink before) and polishing/editing. I'd like to revisit the ending once the jam is over and do more with it!

Ha ha, that's perfect. I already decided to write mine based on the Vampire Tarot I got when I was a teenager!

Thank you for playing and for your kind words :) I loved writing the descriptions but it made me hungry every time!

Thank you for playing! 'Warm' is such a lovely way to describe it, as that's exactly what I was going for.

I'm glad you liked it - thank you for playing!

Hello! I'm excited to take part in this jam with such a cool theme. Thank you for hosting it! I'm finding that game jams are a great way to learn to write and structure games within constraints, even if it's nerve-wracking putting my work up.