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Good luck with bringing back your pc!

I had inspiration so I have made this picture with some color variations.

It is free and feel free to download it if you like it.

Here is the link for download:

I whish you good luck in game making! :D

Ah nice, will download it now. :D

I really enjoy in playing this game!

This is so beautiful, I like snowy theme.

Hello, I have published short demo. It is unfinished project and early prototype which I made for my college task. Please feel free to test it and leave feedback. It is adventure prototype without combat system. 

Here is project link:

I hope you will have some fun!

Greetings, I have put discount for this pack 40% off  for whole June (2022).  

This was fun. Cool concept.

This looks very beautiful!

Hello everyone,

I made this pixel art game tileset for dimensions 48x48px.  If you search for some fantasy themed exterior maybe these assets can be of help to you.

Here is project link:

Lovely game, nice work.

I really like the style!

Don't worry we all have unproductive times every once in a while.  Good luck with game making!

I made a background image for visual novels (1920x1080). It was good practice. In order for it not to go to waste just sitting here on my PC, I am giving it away for free. Good luck with your game making!

Here is link to project page:

Ty for comment :D

Very nice. I like the style. 

Hello everyone!

I want to introduce you to my small project. To Bring Back Spring is a game that will be adventure game made in RPG Maker. It will not have battle system. It is not finished yet, but I plan to release demo version this winter. With this game I am trying to make relaxing experience for people that need something casual to play after hard working day.

I have been working on this project for some time. When I started I didn't know how to draw pixel art and game assets were drawn in Inkscape, but in meantime I have learned more so I transferred whole game to pixel art graphics. There is still lot of room for improvement in art but I am happy that I made progression with game.

It is a story driven game. What I can tell you for now is that you will follow some characters  that need to deal with sudden winter that has fallen on their land. On its journey player will find puzzles and such mechanics. 

For environment and character design I am taking inspiration from Croatian folklore. I don't follow it completely but rather making it to fit into my game.

Here are screenshot so you can see how it looks for now:

And here are some of main characters which I drew:

If you are interested feel free to leave me some feedback.  Thank you for reading! :D

I tried it, and I can say this was really fun!

Very lovely!

I am practicing to make assets. It has been a little while but I made these assets and posted them for free on my profile. Maybe it can be help to some of you.

It is very beautiful! 

I went to check, indeed nice music. Ty for recommend. 

Hello everyone!

These are my first published pixel art assets.  I hope it will be of help to somebody.

This asset pack is made for RPG Maker MV to fit into grid 48x48 pixels. If you like you can use it in any other game engine too.

It is free and you can use it in commercial games.

If you search for expansion of interior for your game this pack of about 30 items may be of help to you.

I finally had time for games and decided to try some of your games. They indeed look interesting so it was hard for me to choose which one from them will I try. 

This is really great and creative. Really nice way to tell us about discord server. I also like how it is dynamic when comes to graphics.

Your music is truly great.

Hello everyone. I have made two parallax backgrounds for RPG Maker MV (dimensions 816x816) and I'm giving them for free. I wanted to use them in my project but then I decided to make something else. So they don't just stand and collecting dust I have decided to upload it here for somebody else could have use of them at least.

It is my first asset publishing and I hope it will be helpful to someone.

Alrighty, thank you for reply!

Hello, I really like this soundtrack! I see you can use it in any game engine but I want to check if I buy this pack, can I use this music for commercial games? Is there any license to check? Sorry if there is already listed, I didnt notice anything like that precise.