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Players who make it to Level 5 are invited to suggested ideas for Level6 and provide story content.

The best suggestions might make it (partially) into the final Game.

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Thanks for trying out my Game 'War of Queens'  in early development.  V0.156 has 5 levels to discover.  You can Talk to most characters (not the Orcs) when Aiming Cursor at them and you are close enough to them. Talk to the Monk or the Blacksmith for example.  Look for the [E] to Talk popup while standing in Front of a Character. The clues to other levels are revealed through the story they tell you.  If you make it to Level5 Alive, I would love to hear how players want the story to continue from there...

Myth of Manticore V1.029 now available

  • Moved the bear
  • Fixed minor collider bug
  • Pigeon Flock added
  • Harder to win now

Myth of Manticore V1.028 now available

  • Quit Menu added to Instructions Screen
  • Butterflies
  • Vultures
  • Sparrows
  • Seagulls

Myth of Manticore V1.027 now available.

-added Quit Menu option