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1) Download the zip file.

2) Once download completes, extract the zip file to your desktop. You will see a folder like EPIV1.11.30_linux64_Data and the executable called EPIV1.11.30_linux64.x86_64

3) You should see a picture of a pirate ship and the Screen resolution and Graphics Quality setup. It is suggested that you try the medium/lower settings first. For example, try 1280 with Simple Graphics Quality first, then experiment with better ones, but it will slow down gameplay as you you increase the quality settings. Press OK once you made your selections.

4) The Game Main Menu should now load. Read the help instructions for controls, then press Start , then press on Level01 button on the menu and wait for game to load. This can take up to 30 seconds, just wait for the first scene at pirate bay to load.

3) Keep in mind you need at least 8GB of ram and it can take about 30-45 seconds to start on slower/older computers.