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Would be cool on a tablet >D

If you get the compass on floor 9, Archeos won't appear on 10

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Damn this took me a while, my firs archeos kil on insane with Knight, Mage, Archer... the last two didn#t made it, Rip

I don't think God is possible, but this score coud have ben better, I did a few mistakes

Hmm how about a more detailed score with more points, for example for time, total gold, cleared floors, maybe higher multipictors for higher rankes would be also cool, there is still some room left on the screen, it could be used to show he actual score. The 32 points felt more iike 324031 to me xD

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This was my best run o hard with knight, wizzard, archer,.. had even vampires I try the next one

The door is still bocked sometimes, even if there are no monsters around

Ice cubes over door, keeping it locked, when you end up with out any destructive item, the game is stuck here and no one cant do a move.

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If you press esc while in the shop, the shop menue gets stuck over the game field

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Had a scenario yesterday with only Ice qubes left and a locked door, I guss the key was in one of the 3 monsters in the Ice blocks.. Maybe make it posible to crack single cubes open.. maybe just free the monster as a downside

I also somehoe don't get it there is an x under the other team members if you want to select more than one

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The game is stuck when the last key is inside a fairy and you don't have items to kill it. Also some kind of exploit is if you have an armor and you have slimes and a fairy, you can click on it until the dungeon is full of slimes, the downside is its boring and takes long to do.

Also are planing to add a fullscreen couch mode? ;D