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Killing Archeos / Floor record

A topic by Benjamin Soulé created May 31, 2016 Views: 563 Replies: 5
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If any of you defeated Archeos on Easy / Normal / Hard I'm insterested to know it.

I would also like to know which is the best floor you could reach if you haven't met archeos yet.

I just finished to beat Archeos in eady mode. I never managed to beat the game with the demo version.

Just got the demo.Easy mode was easy to beat, Normal too, but I was stuck for 4-5 games on Hard. Then I passed it, and passed Insane on the next try (sacrificed a guy to win that one). I don't intend to try God.

Experience on the pico-8 version did help a lot. My winning strategy is : taking the Adventurer and use his key detection to rush. Stop to free prisoners. If a hero has enough life, spend extra money any time possible to avoid unnecessary levelling. Taking armor anytime possible (armor is much more balanced than in the pico-8 version, but still good).

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This was my best run o hard with knight, wizzard, archer,.. had even vampires I try the next one

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Damn this took me a while, my firs archeos kil on insane with Knight, Mage, Archer... the last two didn#t made it, Rip

I don't think God is possible, but this score coud have ben better, I did a few mistakes

Hmm how about a more detailed score with more points, for example for time, total gold, cleared floors, maybe higher multipictors for higher rankes would be also cool, there is still some room left on the screen, it could be used to show he actual score. The 32 points felt more iike 324031 to me xD

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I beat Archeos in my second game (demo version), using all of the easiest Rank toggles. I had a Knight, an Archer, and an Adventurer, and my final score was 12. It still felt kind of hard! I came very close to losing, but maybe I'm just bad at the game. :P

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