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M. A. Dubbs

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This is great!

Thank you so much! I appreciate the play and comment!

'IwlIj jachjaj!

Thank you for humoring me! I loved the video. It was wonderful to see live reactions to my piece in real time. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and the themes came across so easily and so well.


I haven't read Shadowgraphs and I'm not overly familiar with philosophy so I was a bit intimated by the piece. I really enjoy the look and feel. Love the combination of poetry and card games (an unusual but fun pairing). Very innovative and I would love to see more work!

I adore the aesthetic and overall feel of the work. It's like interactive found poetry!

I appreciated the self-compassion towards mental health and writing!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am glad you enjoyed my piece. This was my very first time making a game and coding so I wasn't sure what to expect! I've played a few Twine games but typically they didn't have music or motion so I was excited when I learned I can add that to my poem (lol, it was process learning how to add sound effects). I'm really glad the association between water and depression came out clearly as well. I also fixed the typo! Thanks for letting me know! I died a little inside when I read that! :O

This is so good! Great work!