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Zachtronics minus the gentle learning curve. I feel like I'm back in high school math class, but in a bad way.

Okay so the missing-controller bug is fixed, but ratings are closed! But at least I have the satisfaction of fixing a critical bug with relative ease.

Hmmm. I guess I should have checked back sooner. 

Here's the reason for the bug: you don't have a controller plugged in. It's my fault for not testing the game without a controller plugged in, so I'll fix it.

I had thought of more, but ran out of time. I decided music was more important than trying to add and bug-check more quests with only a few hours to go. :)

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First time I actually finished a game in time for the deadline. The music and sound was added in the final few hours, with the rest of the time dedicated to programming and a little art. Next time I'll try to finish faster so I can actually playtest and polish for a few hours.
My brother did the sprites for most of the items and accessories, while I did the sprites for the characters, environment and UI.

I got this message:


Data folder Not Found


There should be 'Maze_Data'

folder next to the executable"

Grabbing bendy little trees and stretching them around is definitely easier than trying to sculpt trees in real life. Only thing missing is my cat knocking the tree off the table.

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After a few months of work I'm releasing the Indev version of Game Blocks. Game Blocks is a Game Construction Set similar to Super Mario Maker and Adventure Construction Set. This is still in-development (hence "Indev") and experimental, but there's enough there that you get the idea.

Instructions and download link are on the main page:

Can you make the best game ever?

(Hopefully I didn't mess up the HMTL...) EDIT: Okay, that's better.

Game Blocks Indev community · Created a new topic FAQ
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Q: Why "Game Blocks"?

A: We wanted to think of a name that summed up the idea of a game construction set. The level editor part resembles building blocks, but making an actual game. Additionally, within the program itself, the parts of each game are intended to fit together similar to construction sets, and can be recombined in ways that will "simply work".

Q: Why "Indev"?

A: Game Blocks is currently approximately at the stage Minecraft was when Notch called it Indev. In-development, still experimental.

Q: So who's "we"?

A: Matthew Mather and Mark Mather.

Q: Seems a lot like Super Mario Maker.

A: We were inspired by Super Mario Maker, but also Warioware Inc. and other game construction sets such as Adventure Construction Set and RPG Maker 2000.

Q: I want to make my own graphics and music!

A: Loading custom assets is on the list of essential features that we will implement sooner or later.

Q: How much programming will there be?

A: The intention is to have some very, very basic programming in it, similar to WarioWare Inc. That way you're not limited to just the game modes we create, but can create your own kinds of games within the framework.

Q: So what are all the kinds of games the full version will support?

A: Game Blocks is more than a little experimental, so we don't know ourselves yet. However, it will be mostly 2D, certainly supporting shmups, platformers, and four-way shooters. After that, it's a matter of what we can do on time and on budget. Simpler game types are more likely to be implemented first.

Q: Which engine are you using?

A: Gamemaker Studio 2

Q: Mac and Linux?

A: Eventually, not yet. We currently only have Windows machines.