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What's dice stacking? =D


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A game I call INK (short for Invocation Nano-Kanji) >> In a twilight, retro-future Japan, a secret war to control society through quasi-governmental Agents utilizing nano tattoos seethes beneath the harmonious veneer. Original content, original "rules" (or strip them and use your own), easy to learn, under 4000 words (9 pages), includes Hooks.

Loving the art. Very 80s feel to it.

OMG. THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!!! Bought it in the Sore Paw Fund and was immediately drawn to it. So simple and beautiful. Can't wait to unleash this upon some unsuspecting players!

Rock n roll... Samurai Androids ready for the big fight!

Oh, I would NOT want you to distribute it illegally. Let me know the artist name, and I'll get it directly. Thanks for the reply! =D

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WILD looking game. Picked it up in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. Just now getting around to it. Love to know if you have a wallpaper version of the  game image of the female pilot. (Sorry, didn't know where else to post this.)

Happy to hear that. All is good with the world. Working on second and third novellas now. Standalones, like this one. New characters, new situations.

You should be able to download for free, correct?

What an intriguing premise. Will leave further comments and review/rating by the weekend.

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Thank you kindly for your review. 

Samurai Androids community · Created a new topic Feedback

Every game needs player feedback. As long as it's civil and thoughtful, I will consider it.

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All new information on revisions, updates, and new material here.

Any time you see an update or revision to the core rules, feel at liberty to download for free.

Share here anything from images to content ideas. From Chassis, Occupations, Skills, Cartridges, Viruses, Fragmented,, to "Dungeon" Ideas, and more. They will remain your original ideas with in the Samurai Androids universe. I will never reproduce or publish them without your consent.

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Post questions  here. They will be answered.