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Nice game. I really like your graphics. Tiny pixel art is such fun. Thanks for making a fun game.

Fun game! I enjoyed playing it. Honestly not very good at it yet, but fun to play. Nice work.

Had fun playing your game! Thanks for making it!

These are fantastic. Thanks for posting this asset pack. I just downloaded it and hope to include it in a game some day.

I'm a huge fan of micro/tiny pixel art - and your assets are some of the absolute best I've seen! I'm really looking forward to using it in a game I plan to develop with Phaser. I saw someone else on here is also using it with Phaser. I've really liked working with that framework in the past. Thanks for the awesome micro pixel assets!

Awesome work on this demake! Fun to play!

Cute game. I'm not sure I figured out the small secret, but I liked the interactions in the cabin. Nice.

Awesome game! I love your pixel art within it. The shading on the coins is really neat. It's a tough game, but I enjoyed playing it. Thanks for making it!

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I really enjoy playing this game. The hybrid of game mechanics makes it fun... and challenging. Great work!