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Love the unique game mechanics in your game. This was so much fun to play! Thanks for creating/sharing it.

This is awesome! Love your work - the minimal pixel art, tiny sprites… This is by far one of my favorite asset collections!

Thanks for releasing the PICO-8 carts for Golf Monday!

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Johan is a PICO-8 mastermind! Recorded some gameplay this morning with Golf Monday. Such a great game!


This is phenomenal! Well done on this project. Fun to play too.

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Such a fun game to play! I really like the art in the game. Nice work, Jammigans! The game mechanics are fun. Thanks for the “heads-up” prior to objects spawning. The HUD was well-designed and helped me keep track of ammo well.

I’d love to see this game with a larger screen resolution in the future. I feel like the characters and objects in the game world deserve a larger space, but it works fairly well in 64x64 screen size.

The CRT feature was cool. I hadn’t seen that before. Overall, I thought the game was well-done and fun to play. Great jam entry, all! Save those cows!!!

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As always, I love your low-res graphics and pixel art! The game mechanics are super fun, and the concept is creative. The simplicity of your HUD with the countdown is helpful in such a small space. Great game! I really enjoyed playing it!

Wow! This is such a fun puzzle game to play. I like how you developed the light rays to make the mazes more interesting. I enjoyed playing the game and solving the access codes. Fun!

I really enjoyed playing your pinball game! This was really cool. Great graphics and the mechanics were fun!

This was such a cute game to play. I really like the style you chose to emulate a “robot city”. The story was fun and original. I enjoyed it!

I love the different cats and how their colors unlock different parts of the map. The minimal pixel art is adorable. The jump mechanics seem a bit forced. Maybe some sort of buffer to change the velocity slightly while falling might make the jumping smoother. Otherwise, I found your game lots of fun to play!

Neat game. It was enjoyable watching the humans flee and get sucked up to the UFO. I wasn’t clear on the objective, but that may be because you don’t have a way to win/lose yet. I like the “catch” mechanics and art style though!

Such a fun and enjoyable game! I really enjoyed the aesthetics and game mechanics. The bright colors and picking up the shrooms in each forest put a smile on my face. The gradual addition of plants becoming trees to help change navigation was cool. Lots of fun mechanics - great work on this!

Oh my!! This was so fun! I got 75 in the time limit, but I was also playing it on my phone. 😊 Awesome tiny game, Fletch!

This has to be my favorite PICO-8 game so far! Fantastic work, as always! I enjoyed the puzzles, built-in mini tutorials after each power-up, and the smoothness of the game mechanics. Fun story combined with beautiful low-res sprites made this a delight to play!

Such a fun game! I love the music, low-res sprites (their beautiful), animations... The game mechanics are great, and I enjoy playing this game on my RG351V handheld. Awesome work!

Awesome! I look forward to seeing it in one of your amazing projects!

Hey there! Thanks so much for playing my game. I hope to roll out an update in the coming months that should address the collision sensitivity issue you experienced. I'm hoping to make the boxes that can move shake a little when you almost get lined up to move it too. Glad you enjoyed it - I had fun making it.!

Wow! This game is great. When I was a kid, I hated coloring inside the lines. Let me just say your game brought out a familiar rage. I've only gotten to Level 5 so far. LOL! I've enjoyed following your progress on Twitter. Awesome game, man!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed playing it. I love the "shaking" box idea if the player isn't quite lined up correctly. That idea plus adjusting the collision a bit would make it a bit easier to navigate the maze. I can't wait to start working on it again - cause I totally will. So many ideas! Thanks again for all your support.

Thanks for playing my game and hosting such a fun game jam! This was a great chance for me to dive more into developing with PICO-8 - which was a blast. I really appreciate your feedback - spot on. When I get time, I hope to continue working on this game. It was a lot of fun to tinker with, and I'd love to release a v2.0... some day. LOL! Please host another game jam in the future. I'd love to participate again.

Nice game. I really like your graphics. Tiny pixel art is such fun. Thanks for making a fun game.

Fun game! I enjoyed playing it. Honestly not very good at it yet, but fun to play. Nice work.

Had fun playing your game! Thanks for making it!

These are fantastic. Thanks for posting this asset pack. I just downloaded it and hope to include it in a game some day.

I'm a huge fan of micro/tiny pixel art - and your assets are some of the absolute best I've seen! I'm really looking forward to using it in a game I plan to develop with Phaser. I saw someone else on here is also using it with Phaser. I've really liked working with that framework in the past. Thanks for the awesome micro pixel assets!

Awesome work on this demake! Fun to play!

Cute game. I'm not sure I figured out the small secret, but I liked the interactions in the cabin. Nice.

Awesome game! I love your pixel art within it. The shading on the coins is really neat. It's a tough game, but I enjoyed playing it. Thanks for making it!

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I really enjoy playing this game. The hybrid of game mechanics makes it fun... and challenging. Great work!