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holy shit is this ever a beautiful and enticing game :D

Its so buggy and broken. Not worth the effort .

i managed to get stuck in the mine, because jet was blocking the only way out. 

try keeping her overwhelmed with pleasure - that should keep her from running away. 

i got it from an event where you encounter a sick monster - if you offer it a potion and heal it, it gives you some cave moss in return. 

wont boot for some reason

im having the same issue. 

tried  that - still having crashing issues. and i doubt its a hardware issue - ive got a computer strong enough to run Just Cause 3 at good framerates

after the latest update, kept having game crashes. thanks to autosave, no progress was lost - only annoyance of any kind was having to relaunch the game.

the game keeps crashing on me  - really makes me wish there was an autosave function. Oh well. Its not that im losing too much progress, its just constantly setting me back on the grinding for money and whatnot.

this is probably a stupid question, but where do i find the manual download?

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im stuck on the "fire crystal" bit i have no idea what it means. i already got the blade from the tile puzzles, so i dont know what else there is in the desert....

EDIT: got past that - but the game never gives any indication of climbable vines before that, so it was confusing as hell.

it says no executable found

Something about the second H-scene with Ruby bugged me - then i realized, that in that scene she's missing the scales usually present on her cheeks. 

im not a fan of the whole food rations thing

theres a few things that could be improved; like the fact that in your game, the t-rex's iconic escape roar doesnt have the t-rex's mouth open as wide as in the film. Theres also the fact that you can continually loop the change seat animation by changing to the seat you're already in. The feet on the rex also glitched at one point, but i think i just had the graphics setting higher than my computer could comfortably handle at the time - so thats on me. 

that being said, this is astoundingly beautiful and terrifying as fuck. 10/10, would get eaten by t-rex again. 

the monsters keep respawning but i have no idea where to go to get past the second gate