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the game keeps crashing on me  - really makes me wish there was an autosave function. Oh well. Its not that im losing too much progress, its just constantly setting me back on the grinding for money and whatnot.

This is quite strange. Did you download the game from Itch? I advise to try getting the game directly from the Patreon.

There was a strange case where Yorna had random crashes if players downloaded the game from Itch. No amount of debug and code-digging revealed the problem, then the player re-downloaded the game from a direct link on the Patreon and the problem disappeared on its own.

tried  that - still having crashing issues. and i doubt its a hardware issue - ive got a computer strong enough to run Just Cause 3 at good framerates

Naaah, RPG Maker games should run on a microwave - it’s not a hardware problem per se. Okay, if you tried the suggested and the issue is still alive, I need to take a look at your client folder. Can you send a link to a zipped ”as-is” Yorna from your PC to

the only problem i have is on the lv system it freezes at 16 and lust lv 52... is that part of the game or is there a bug?

The 69 joke went too far it seems >> There's no content in the game which requires 69 lust, or greater than 15 actually. Guess I'll delete it in the next update.

Isn't there a feature where you can get her to walk around naked if you gain 69 lust?

You can do this but this won't trigger any new scenes.