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After being greenlit last year (thanks for your help! \m/), we had a small break but are now back full on development!

Working on optimising car feels and moar:

Below is the start of split paths based on a shootable railroad switch (which will be the next thing we build)

Thanks ^_^, still need to watch speed racer but from what I saw it's pretty rad.

Worked on decorations today, most parts have spots for decoration. Stuff like exhaust pipes will be able to mount to these spots.

Added some new parts as well arted by richard, the big new monster wheels and some exhaust / pipes etc.

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So I gave the CPU some love (meaning they use boost, jump and guns now and then),

I did not get love in return, just pure chaos. How lovely :D

Did some work on the character select screen, now it's time to draw a lot of big portraits :P

Crazy busy wanting to launch a greenlight coming tuesday.

Some flashin' feedback when hitting other cars

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All gifs are recorded ingame :)

We will probably end up between the $10-20 range depending on early access and our overal feel about what we deliver eventually content wise.

As for platforms we will be going for pc, mac and linux first with consoles (ps4, xbox one) soon after (if and when we get access).

Just recently put the car customisation in + colouring :), gun and decoration placement is coming as well (hence the empty 'holes' on some parts').